UFO researcher MBB333 believes that a live NASA feed has captured at least 10 small black objects flying just below the International Space Station (ISS). The conspiracy theorist, who goes by the username MBB333, shared a screenshot captured by an observer at the Jeff space station on Saturday, July 3.

He posted the shocking discovery on YouTube, saying: “This is a screen shot from the International Space Station above the south Atlantic, at around 8:30am.”

Besides, the man pointed to the dots on the screen and added: “10 unidentified objects are traveling with the space station just above Earth.”

The sphere-like anomalous objects appear to be moving in a circular direction.

Fleet of 10 mysterious UFOs hovering over Earth. Photo: Dailystar

Many UFO fans search the ISS live feed and share their thoughts on these strange objects.

One said: “I just checked the ISS cameras and those little blobs are still there.”

Another wrote: “Perhaps it’s a bunch of alien probes?”

Even so, others suggested it could be some advanced technology used to collect the data.

“A gas float, like a kind of sensor that measures data,” one proponent and another added: “Also known as Starlink…”

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