As you may have heard, Wikileaks released a series of emails from John Podesta in 2016. Along with previous leaks, they exposed a series of corruption in the US political system with false information. bias towards aliens.

The mainstream media and Western governments have spread a lot of misinformation about UFOs. (Photo: Internet)

Some of Podesta’s leaked documents are information about UFOs and aliens in the form of private emails. Specifically, one of them comes from Dr. Edgar Mitchell, an Apollo 14 astronaut, which reads as follows:

“Dear John,

Space Wars is heating up, so I feel you should be aware of a few things when you and I schedule a Skype conversation. Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the adjacent universe is helping us bring zero energy to Earth. They will not tolerate any form of military violence on Earth or in space. 

The following information in italics was shared by my colleague Carol Rosin. She worked closely with Wernher von Braun for many years before his death. Carol and I worked on the Treaty to Prevent the Installation of Weapons in Space, I have attached it for your convenience…”.

You can read the rest of the email directly from Wikileaks here, and can also download attachments on the website.

In the email, Dr. Edgar mentioned Carol Rosin, the first female business manager of Fairchild Industries; An air and missile defense consultant who has worked with numerous corporations, government agencies, and the intelligence community. She worked closely alongside Wernher Von Braun shortly before his death, particularly on the issue of weapons installed in space. She also founded the Space Security Cooperation Institute.

Below is a very serious interview with Ms. Carol conducted by Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the Disclosure project. (Disclosure is a non-profit project that aims to publicize real information about aliens, alien technology, and UFOs that are hidden by some governments.)

Dr. Carol Rosin and Dr. Wernher von Braun. (Photo via CE)

Dr. Greer accompanies Dr. Edgar Mitchell in all his meetings and communications with the Pentagon and has been instrumental in bringing in hundreds of military whistleblowers from all ranks, with credentials and sources. authentic origin, come out into the light to share what they know about this strange incident in the course of their work.

In the interview, she offered thoughts on a false flag alien threat. The term “false flags” refers to covert operations designed to mislead people into thinking that these events are being carried out by other agencies, groups or countries, rather than those of other countries. who actually plan and execute them.

“I met Dr. Wernher Von Braun early in ’74, when Von Braun was dying of cancer, but he assured me he would live a few more years to tell me what the game was about. As the game unfolds, the game attempts to conduct the weaponization of space, to control Earth from space as well as to control extraterrestrial space as well.

He asked me to be his spokesman, appearing on his behalf when he was unwell to speak, and I accepted. And what he asked me to do was educate decision-makers and the public about why we shouldn’t send weapons into space… instead, we could build a space system cooperative.

The most interesting thing for me, is the statement that he repeated to me many times. . . . It is a strategy of educating the public and decision-makers, with the scare tactic, the rotation is being introduced into the weapon system. Besides that is how we identify the enemy.

The enemies he spoke of at first were those who opposed those who intend to build weapons systems in the universe like us. . . The Russians will be considered the first enemy… the terrorists next. . . then the third world, we now call those countries concerned. . . . The next enemies are asteroids. . . [and] we’re about to build a weapon system in space against asteroids.

The funniest thing is the final card order against what he calls the aliens. Just like that, during the four years of knowing and speaking for him, he also told about that last card.

‘Remember, Carol, the last card is the alien card. We will have to install weapons in space against the aliens’. But everything he said was a lie.”

Interview with Carol by Dr. Steven Greer, founder of Disclosure project:

Important things to remember about the government’s UFO disclosure project

It is unfortunate that the mainstream media and Western governments have spread a lot of misinformation. People trust them without a doubt, making it easy for them to turn the truth in their favor. So even if they make official claims about UFOs, they probably won’t be really honest about it.

If the “war on terror” and the “war on opium” are any indication, we should be wary of anything they tell us about UFOs. But anyone who studies the subject should be clear that powerful and influential people take the issue seriously. Any information published will not be the whole truth.

Why do we always wait until the government or the media verify something to believe it’s true? Why do we assume that anyone who doesn’t own this official information is a liar, or crazy, or both? Just by doing our own research, we can also come to our own conclusions and won’t be easily fooled by these “official” sources.

There is a lot of information out there and a lot of evidence that not only proves the existence of UFOs but also aliens. We don’t need government information because it’s so obvious. We just need to do independent research and make our own inferences.

Is it possible that some powerful organization that controls governments will use the alien story to deceive the populace? Given what we already know about false flag terrorism, that certainly sounds reasonable.

Meaning, the universe will need a huge amount of resources, and if “others” are really watching us out there, maybe “they” won’t let that happen. Who can say in advance.

And here is a quote from Herman Oberth, one of Dr. Braun’s mentors, who is also one of the fathers of rocketry and space travel:

“My argument is that flying saucers are real and they are spacecraft from another solar system. I think perhaps they are controlled by intelligent observers, people of a race that may have been probing our Earth for centuries.”

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