When it comes to the issue of whether aliens exist or not, some people believe that they do, but there are also people who don’t, but the fact is that there have been and are quite a few people interested in studying aliens. .

Believers will say, we look up at the vast starry sky, our Earth in the galactic system can be said to be like a drop of water in the ocean. It’s insignificant and too small. Human understanding of the universe is very limited, so how can we use the finite known to negate the infinite unknown?

Human understanding of the universe is very limited, so how can we use the finite known to negate the infinite unknown? (Image source: pixabay)

But the non-believers say, okay, he said yes, so where is it? When you find it, I will admit it. Seeing is the truth.

In fact, from time immemorial, these two kinds of arguments have always existed side by side. At this point, we need to talk about the Fermi paradox.

Who is Fermi?

His full name is Enrico Fermi, a famous Italian-American physicist. He was involved in the design of mankind’s first atomic bomb and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1938.

It can be said that he is a very knowledgeable person in the field of physics. Not only did he himself win the Nobel Prize, but he also produced six Nobel laureates, and numerous physics experts and scholars.

Enrico Fermi – famous Italian-American physicist (Video screenshot)

One day in 1950, during dinner, Fermi accidentally chatted with a colleague about the topic of aliens. The two men discussed the subject very enthusiastically. Fermi suddenly asked her colleague a question: “Where are they?”

His question is if the colleague says there are aliens, then where are the aliens, and why are we not seeing any aliens at all. This led to the later famous Fermi paradox.

Fermi’s paradox

Fermi estimates that within the observable universe there are about 100 billion galaxies about the size of our own Milky Way. And there are at least 250 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy. Therefore, it is conservatively estimated that each galaxy has about 100 billion stars.

Again, it is conservatively estimated that only about 1% of the stars are similar to the sun, which can satisfy the conditions for living beings in all respects, such as light, water, temperature, etc. etc

Each star has its own solar system. Among them are earth-like planets that can produce and support life. Its lowest rate is also around 1%.

If these Earth-like planets had a probability of producing high life, about one in 10,000, then there would be about 100 trillion planets producing high life in the entire universe.

100 trillion planets – that’s a huge number. By this number, in our Milky Way galaxy there are also at least 100,000 advanced civilizations.

Later, many people also agreed with Fermi’s speculation.

The universe is so big with so many possibilities. Even if the odds of a life being born are very low, in the entire universe there is a lot of life and a lot of civilizations. On the one hand, in terms of proportions, the number of extraterrestrial life must be much larger than that of humanity.

But in this real life, we still don’t see these aliens living or their corpses. So far, no one has come up with definite proof of what aliens look like. Everyone is just guessing.

This is indeed a very contradictory phenomenon. This topic has also sparked a lot of lively discussions for a long time.

This article will introduce readers to a famous case in history: the ‘attack’ case of ‘alien’ with names and even voices. This is not an episode in a Hollywood movie. The British Southern TV channel’s signal was once thought to be “alien” attacking, mysteriously hijacking the signal within 6 minutes.

On Saturday night, November 26, 1977, in the streets and alleys of Great Britain, houses were lit up, in the light of the dead smoke. As usual, this is the weekend when everyone gathers warmly with family.

At this time, in families, the familiar image is that the mother, with a floral apron tied around her waist, will bring out a plate of freshly baked cakes, cut them into small pieces and blow and tell the children to eat, and carefully. Be careful not to get hot. The father sat on a chair, holding a small iron bar to put coal on the island stove to make the fire warm. The firelight reflected on the little red faces of the children. The whole family leaned against each other by the stove, watching the news on TV while eating cake.

Broadcaster Andrew Gardner is hosting the news. At 5:10 p.m., suddenly the TV image was slightly flickering with a buzzing sound. Next is a voice that resembles that of a mechanical device or an alien. And the blurred image replaces the frame of the message being played at the moment. A announcer from the Ashtar galactic command and the alien representative began to speak.

Broadcaster Andrew Gardner is hosting the news. At 17:10, suddenly the TV image was slightly flickering with a buzzing sound (Video screenshot)

This incident made hundreds of British viewers sitting in front of the TV screen watching the news, terrified. It was as if the moment had stopped immediately. The people sitting in front of the TV couldn’t believe their ears.

The following is the message Vrillon, the representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, wants to convey to everyone on earth:

Over the years, we have appeared to you in the form of bright objects in the sky. Now we speak to you with wisdom and peace.

We have long cherished peace and wisdom in contact with your interstellar brothers and sisters and Earth.

We have come to remind you of the fate of the race and the situation of the earth. We hope you can communicate with your compatriots. Take the necessary actions to avoid the disaster that threatens you and us.

As the earth enters the New Age of Aquarius, we hope this message will bring you a profound awakening. The new era will bring you lasting peace and progress. But the premise is that your leader needs to know well the evil forces that blind their power.

Now please calm down and be quiet, listen to the message we want to convey. Because this may be your only chance. You must destroy all evil weapons of destruction. The days of bloodshed and strife are over.

If you can prove your resolve, humanity as a race will be able to evolve to a higher level. You have only a short time to learn how to live peacefully together.

At present, some people on earth are beginning to understand this truth and spread the good news about the coming new era to all mankind.

You may choose to ignore their instructions, but only those who know how to live in harmony with all things can evolve to a higher spiritual realm.

You hear information on television from Vrillon – the representative of the Ashtar command. Be careful, there are many false prophets in your world. They will cheat your money to use for illegitimate purposes. And they will tell you empty and meaningless words.

The divinity within can protect you from lies and deception. You must learn to listen carefully to your inner voice, to distinguish what is real, what is chaos, what is false. Once you learn to listen to the truth from within, you will set yourself on a path of spiritual upliftment.

This is the message we want to send to our dear friends. We have been watching you for a long time. You have also seen our bright objects appear in the sky. You know we’re here. The number of beings around the earth far exceeds what your scientists know.

We are very interested in you and your journey to the light. We will try our best to help you. Don’t panic, try to understand yourself and live in harmony with the earth.

Ashtar Galactic Command thanks you for listening. We’re about to leave the real world you live in. May the love and supreme truth of the universe bless you.”

After the alien finished speaking, the TV signal was cut off and the line returned to normal.

Later that night, Southern TV apologized for the complaints and doubts of some viewers. And they also gave a report on the incident that day. Because they couldn’t explain the incident, they had to treat it as a malicious joke.

We need to know that in 1977, it was not easy to steal a TV station signal. It requires technology and is quite expensive.

After this incident, one could not find Vrillon – who spoke for those 6 minutes. No one has been able to give a reasonable explanation. Why would anyone want to do this?

Over time, this story also gradually sank into oblivion. However, in recent years, there seem to be some UFOs that still make regular appearances. One of them was accidentally taken by everyone with a mobile phone. So when it comes to the above story, people still feel it is believable.

The Galactic Federation in legend is considered an alliance of many famous civilizations in the Milky Way. This is an organization that balances all races. The Galactic Federation has a special unit called “Ashtar Command”.

It is said that all strategic locations in the solar system are carriers of the Ashtar Command. The main job of these carriers is to stabilize the motion of the earth’s plates and prevent nuclear war. The third job of the aircraft carrier is to help humanity awaken.

The main responsibility of the head of Ashtar Command is to develop the earth’s communication and internet technologies, as well as manage intergalactic communication. It also helps people develop the super-perceptive consciousness of the 5th dimension (5th dimension).

It is said that the special envoy of Ashtar Command and President Eisenhower met at Edward Air Force Base. This exchange plan covers many aspects. One is to conduct official exchanges through the United Nations. The second is that Ashtar Command is ready to provide cutting-edge technology to research units worldwide. The only condition is that the United States cease to develop nuclear weapons immediately.

There are also people who say that the Galactic Federation is fake. But in a media interview late last year, Israel’s former chief of space security for 30 years, retired general Haim Eshed, now 87, said that aliens from the Galactic Federation had been in contact. with humans. But this connection was not made public because the aliens used the excuse that “humans are not ready” to ask not to make this information public.

But Mr. Eshed revealed that the US and Israel have been in contact with extraterrestrials for many years. The US government and the extraterrestrials have made some deals. It even includes the establishment of a secret underground base on Mars because American astronauts and aliens are stationed there.

Mr. Eshed has written a book titled “The Universe Beyond the Horizon–conversations with Professor Haim Eshed”.

In his book, he revealed a lot of information about aliens and mentioned that the aliens prevented a nuclear doomsday explosion.

This past June, the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released a report on UFO encounters. But they said of 144 UFO sightings, only one could be explained, the rest “remaining beyond explanation” of the government. Thus, the US government has not confirmed or denied the existence of aliens to the public, so the discussion and debate on this topic is still very lively. However, people’s discussions have gradually shifted from whether aliens exist or not, to the ultimate issue of why aliens came to Earth, where they usually live, what kind of society they are. What is alien’s, etc

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