Like it or not, we’ve all probably thought about the form and existence of aliens. It’s just that not everyone has the opportunity to see and come into direct contact with these alien living entities.

The Time of Aliens
Whether you believe in aliens or not, humans have been thinking about the existence of extraterrestrial beings since ancient times. Some people think they have seen aliens with their own eyes.

Like the various gods of each culture, aliens are often seen as a supernatural force. They can do things we can’t explain or be scapegoats for terrible deeds.

First Alien Recordings
Ancient Egyptians May Be The First to See Aliens
Possibly the Puritans were the first to see UFOs in the sky and at least they were one among the first to record what they saw. John Winthrop recorded one UFO sighting in his diary in 1639 and several times thereafter. But is he the first to believe he has seen some signs of aliens?

The ancient Egyptians may have been the first to see aliens and UFOs. In the 1400s, it is believed that the ancient Egyptians once saw a UFO, and a royal scribe of the Pharaoh reported it. Tulli Papyrus is the document describing that single UFO sighting.

The Egyptians are not the only ancient people to see UFOs because other civilizations, such as the Romans, Mexicans, Greeks, Chinese, etc. have also recorded UFOs.

While people around the world claim to have seen UFOs, it seems that the majority of unidentified flying objects appear in the US. Most of the time, the blobs can be anything from an airplane to a hot air balloon.

Alien Signs on Earth
UFOs are not the only possible evidence that aliens exist and have visited Earth.

It is possible that the existence of aliens has been seen in some of the items they have left behind after their many visits, although most of these signs may not be obvious. Did the ancient Egyptians have the means to build pyramids? It is a story that the whole scientific world today is still struggling to find a solution.

Aliens may have once lived in human society.

Although there is no definitive evidence that anything is tied to extraterrestrials, there are several other possible signs that aliens may have once inhabited human society.

Many people believe that aliens may have had their hands on many things on this planet. But investigations and science have partly disproved this hypothesis. Even so, there are still quite a few believers who believe that aliens may have lived in human society.

Circles in the fields and drawings on the Nazca plateau
The circles appearing in the fields most likely first appeared in the 1970s. It has an intricate and creative circular design. and often located in the fields.

It is difficult to determine with certainty whether they are the place where the UFO landed or the works of art by farmers. The circles with strange shapes appearing in the fields have so far not been proven whether they are vestiges of aliens or not.

Mysterious drawings in the field.

The Nazca Plateau is a strange geometric “drawing” in Peru. Strange drawings appear on the Nazca Plateau, Peru, shaped like animals such as monkeys and spiders. In the 1930s, strange shapes appeared on the Nazca plateau, causing scientists a headache to find answers.

Some scientists speculate that these may be the works and drawings of the ancient Nazca people. While some have theorized it has to do with aliens.

Pyramids and Stonehenge
If you are among those who are surprised how ancient civilizations were able to build pyramids out of tons of bricks and raise them to hundreds of meters high, you not an exception.

Many people think that aliens made those works. But according to the collected historical documents, it was the pharaohs Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure who built them. They took about 60 years to complete.

Stonehenge ancient stone beach.

Many theories surround the creation of Stonehenge and what its purpose was. Maybe it was aliens or it could be that respected groups in ancient Celtic society created them as a place of worship.

Suspicious mutilation of cows
In the past there have been cattle mutilations that took place in the 1600s and not just in America. But it seems that this situation shows no sign of stopping. The NPR site recently revealed that the problem of cattle mutilation has appeared in the state of Oregon.

The death of a pet or even a farm animal is scary, especially when it has no known cause. People have blamed werewolves, chupacabras, satans and, of course, aliens for these suspicious mutilations of cattle. Consequences after the cattle were mutilated, they were drained of blood and lost some body parts.

Ancient carvings and cave drawings

 Prehistoric cave painting depicting aliens.

From cave drawings by prehistoric people to ancient carvings and hieroglyphs not only revealed by the Egyptians, there seems to be the existence of aliens from very ancient times and they have visited Earth thousands of years ago.

Starseed and Indigo Children
Some people believe that there are hybrids living in the human world. They are half human, half alien and half human. If your child shows signs of being different from the rest, such as being super intelligent as a child, having a deep understanding of things that other kids his age don’t have. Many people will question that it could be a Starseed or Indigo child.

Whether or not there are really extraterrestrials, many people are quite confident in this theory.

Types of Alien Encounters
Do you think you might have met aliens? Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common types of alien encounters:

You have had firsthand experience and sightings of UFOs.

The first type: You have seen a UFO in the distance, possibly a bright flash in the sky that doesn’t look like an airplane.
The second type: You have had a first-hand experience and sighting of a UFO. It could be your car stops running or the radio buzzes for no reason.
The third type: You actually see what you believe to be aliens or some form of aliens. It can be animals, plants, minerals or even alien models that look hideous like in the movies.
Fourth type: Do you think aliens have kidnapped you? If so, you have experienced a close encounter with them.
Whether you’ve experienced it or never met it, it’s clear that aliens are still the biggest headache facing humanity so far. No one knows how long it will take before humans actually meet and confirm the existence of aliens. But until then, we will continue to have to live in countless different theories about aliens.

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