Despite years of research, scientists still have not been able to give an exact answer about some UFO cases in the world.

The world has recorded many cases of detecting unidentified flying objects (UFOs), causing headaches for experts to find an explanation. The Pentagon also admitted to spending $22 million on a secret UFO investigation program between 2007 and 2012.

The results of the investigation of the majority of UFO cases show that they are just ordinary objects such as air balloons or rockets, according to Live Science. However, there are some cases where scientists have not been able to find the exact answer for many years.

The US once funded tens of millions of dollars for a UFO investigation program. (Photo: Financial Express).

In 2004, two F/A-18 fighters encountered a mysterious flying object off the coast of San Diego, Pacific. The object moves at a very high speed, surrounded by a halo and rotates during flight.

One of the two pilots at the time, David Fravor, described the flying object as his plane’s size but without wings and looking like an elongated gum. “As I got closer, it accelerated and disappeared. Faster than anything I’ve ever seen in my life,” Fravor said.

French Farmer Discovered UFOs
In 1981, a farmer in Trans-en-Provence, France, called the police after hearing strange sounds and discovering a flying saucer nearby. The lead-colored flying saucer took off almost immediately, the person said.

Police quickly took samples of trees and soil at the site of the incident. Experts from the UFO investigation agency GEPAN said there are chemical traces that show that they were heated and crushed by a heavy object.

However, some argue that the crushed trees were caused by the wheels rolling over. In addition, this person lived near a military base so it was possible that the military was testing some kind of flying device at the time.

A French farmer saw a strange flying object in 1981. (Photo: Artlark).

Former astronaut discovered orange fireball
In 2013, a retired astronaut with his family saw an orange fireball-like object glowing and moving fast in the night sky over Athens, Texas, USA.

After a few minutes, three similar objects appeared and moved in the same direction. Three more minutes passed, and two more objects also flew in the original direction. All without making any sound.

“They move much faster than orbiting satellites or airplanes, but slower than meteors and do not change in brightness like meteors do as they enter the atmosphere. I can’t give any explanation for what we saw,” he said.

Bright Spots on Mount Shasta
A pilot spotted bluish spots on Mount Shasta, a volcano in California, while flying between Los Angeles, California, and Portland, Oregon. They look brighter than ordinary stars.

“The two bright spots are separated by more than two centimeters when viewed through the windshield and are about the size of ordinary stars. One of the “stars” began to darken for about 10 seconds, the other “star” also completely dark for the same time,” the pilot described.

These light spots are very stable, so they cannot be satellites or meteorites crashing into Earth. They appear to be traveling at a much higher altitude than the aircraft at that time, ie over 11,580m.

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