In the previous episode, we talked about an alien who survived the UFO crash in Roswell in 1947 who lived on Earth for 6 weeks with the assistance of a nurse, Matilda O’ Donnell MacElroy…

The two of them communicated through psychic induction, and the transcript of the conversation was compiled into a book and published by writer Spencer. Now is the time to find out what they said.

Aliens learn the language of the earth
In the small airtight room, the staff are busy arranging lighting equipment and cameras, experts from many fields also rotate to observe. The alien Airl looked at all this indifferently, sitting motionless in his chair, with no expression on his face. After a while, nurse MacElroy entered with a list of questions, and the others backed out, but they did not go far but watched with interest through the one-way glass in the adjoining room.

The official interview began, but the room was completely silent, because they used the method of psychic induction, so there was no need to speak. All conversations were recorded by the staff by shorthand on the spot after the nurse responded. After the first round of Q&A, the results were not satisfactory. After the second round of Q&A, it got even more confusing. Did the alien refuse to cooperate? Airl did indeed seem unaccustomed to the authoritarian attitude displayed by some male officers, but that was not purely because “she” did not want to cooperate, but because a lot of information could only be received. verbal communication, but sometimes words do not reach the meaning, so the information cannot be conveyed. At this time, linguist John Newble came up with a solution, which was to suggest that two parties communicate in the same language. However, It doesn’t seem possible for a nurse to learn an alien language, so ask the alien to learn English. Unexpectedly, Airl agreed.

Experts have selected the enlightening books used by pioneering American educators in the 19th century to teach children, called “McGuffey’s Eclectic Reader, Primer Through Sixth”. The book contains many pictures depicting the relationship between children and their families, teachers, friends and animals, and conveys traditional moral concepts such as honesty and kindness, hard work and frugality. thrift, bravery, patriotism, respect for parents and reverence for God, etc. this has something to do with our traditional enlightening textbook “Three Self Sutras”.

The book “McGuffey’s Eclectic Reader, Primer Through Sixth” (Epoch Times screenshot)

Airl seems to enjoy this book and is studying very hard. Airl studied 14 hours a day, waited for the teacher, who was also a nurse, went to rest and then spent 10 hours self-reviewing, almost without sleep. Because of studying hard, in just 3 days, Airl completed all the lessons. Then “she” started self-taught “Encyclopedia Britannica”, then read everything about astronomy and geography, various subjects and literary masterpieces, read everything, and read very quickly. On the 16th day since the UFO crashed, Airl has learned hundreds of books. Airl told the nurse that her three favorite books were “Alice in Wonderland”, “Don Quixote” and “One Thousand and One Nights”, because the books showed they had a spirit. great soul and creative force, it is far more important than mastering a skill or power.

After closing the last book, Airl begins her story, although “she” still uses telepathy, the whole process is in English.

Space Expeditionary Armies
She comes from an ancient and distant civilized society in outer space, known as “The Domain” or “Copper Territory”. The Copper Territory governs countless star systems, covers a quarter of the entire visible universe, and has existed for trillions of years. About 10,000 years ago, the crusaders of the Plains began to visit the Milky Way. Airl is one of the many officers with many roles, an astronaut and also an engineer. Their mission this time is to investigate the nuclear weapons test that took place in New Mexico. This is most likely the White Sands Proving Ground, 117 miles from Roswell. On July 16, 1945, the world’s first atomic bomb was detonated here.

Airl said that her true autism exists in the “soul” mode; When performing missions in space, she and other colleagues will reside in this “little gray man” body. These human-like “bodies” are made of materials synthesized by workers, which will coordinate with a specific astronaut with a specific strain of electronic waves. The frequency of each type of electronic wave and each human body is unique – just as no two people’s fingerprints are alike. 

So how do they manipulate spaceships? The design method of the spacecraft and the world is very compatible, and also based on the frequency segment of each astronaut that is specially adjusted, so that the spacecraft can be conceptualized by the astronaut. manipulation. Therefore, although there are no complicated navigation or control devices on the spacecraft, the operation is extremely simple and flexible. However, at that time a lightning struck the spacecraft, resulting in a short circuit, the power failure caused the wireless connection between the spacecraft and the crew to be cut off immediately, just like the body and brain were lost. contact. What will happen after that? Naturally, he would lose his balance and hit his head on the ground. Therefore, this high technology also has its weaknesses – it will not work without electricity.

(Epoch Times screenshot)

Airl went on to say that she went to the region of space where the earth existed thousands of years ago. The last time she was fluent in the terrestrial language was Indian Sanskrit, in 5965 BC, which is almost 8000 years ago. At that time, the Plains stronghold in the Himalayas was lost, all officers in the barracks disappeared overnight, and the base was destroyed.

Hearing this, some friends might say, wait, you mean this alien has been around for thousands of years? Is this possible? The nurse also looked suspicious. “I firmly believe that all conscious beings are immortal spiritual beings, that includes humans,” Airl said. Airl calls the living race that exists in the form of a soul (Is-Be), arguing that souls are neither born nor die, each soul is absolutely unique, and cannot be copied.

According to Airl’s words, she had existed for countless countless years. Millions of years ago, she at the Dong Territories was trained as a research officer, data reviewer, and program developer. Because of these technical experiences, she became one of the members of the search team sent to earth to question the inhabitants of the foothills of the Himalayas what had happened. In this way, Airl learned Sanskrit. Therefore, many locals reported seeing the plane appear in that area, they called it “Vimana”.

Is “Vimana” a UFO?
The three classic Indian Sanskrit books, the Vedas, Mahabharata and Ramayana, all contain descriptions of “Vimana”. It was used to refer to supersonic aircraft in ancient India. The Vedas, for example, describe the Vimana in detail, and some scholars have translated it into modern languages: “A spaceship using fire and water rapidly flew into space… it contained twelve pillars, one wheel, three mechanicals, 300 axles and 60 tools”. Does this sound like a modern high-tech airplane?

Vimana drawing. (Epoch Times screenshot)

In a monument in India in 1875, archaeologists discovered a handwritten manuscript titled “Vaimanika Sastra”, which in Sanskrit means “Encyclopedia of Mechanics”. After undergoing testing, it was confirmed that it was written by Bharadvajy, a sage of ancient India more than three thousand years ago, which contained detailed records of the Vimana plane.

In the content of this manuscript, there are detailed explanations of the aircraft’s structure, uniforms, crew’s diet, adaptation to the flight environment, and even describe lightning protection, stealth, anti-storm features, remote monitoring, active camouflage and offensive weapons, fire-resistant, drought-resistant features, etc. 

What is more surprising is that this manuscript details the composition of four different forms of “Vimana”, including cone, large bird, straw hat and cigar shape, and explains clearly. Vimana’s kinetic energy comes from the sun.

In 1959, this manuscript was translated into Hindi, and in 1979, the book was translated into English by JR Josier, dean of the Mysore International School of Sanskrit Studies, India. If what Airl says is true, is the “Vimana” recorded in ancient India a flying saucer piloted by aliens?

Several discoveries in archeology seem to confirm this. In 2016, the British newspaper “Daily Mail” and “Mirror” both published such information, that in 1973, a wedge-shaped metal block with an aluminum content of up to 90% was discovered in Romania. Archaeologists have dated it to approximately 250,000 years. However, the process of smelting aluminum requires high temperatures of thousands of degrees Celsius, and modern aluminum metal products only began to appear 200 years ago. 25,000 years ago there were people? Even with humans, how could prehistoric humans have such a high level of technology? What is more surprising is that some aircraft engineers think this is most likely an aircraft landing gear. Is this part of the legendary “Vimana” airship?

In fact, until modern times, with the invention of the airplane and the translation of ancient Indian Sanskrit books into English, many scientists began to demonstrate the possibility that the “Vimana” was an airplane. ancient high-tech, but whether it is an alien spacecraft or a masterpiece of a prehistoric civilization, there is no final conclusion. This metal block is currently housed in the History Museum of Cluj-Napoca (History Museum of Cluj-Napoca) in Romania, which you can visit if you have the opportunity.

This time we pause here. Airl once said that wise beings like her are everywhere in the universe, so who attacked the Himalayas military stronghold of the Copper Territory, and what is the entanglement between the two civilizations? We will downgrade the analysis.

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