Triangle-shaped UFO recorded on video and “Apocalyptic Trumpet sounds when lightning strikes”

Small triangle-shaped UFO with another rectangular-shaped UFO appear during a storm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (not far from Qatar, scenario of the current World Cup).

During a storm in the UAE a triple UFO event occurred and while apocalyptic trumpet sounds began.

It’s the apocalyptic trumpet sounds in this video that I personally think push the entire video to the limit! This is not a normal video, put it that way, in fact I’ve never seen anything like it, especially all combined. UFOs, sounds, lightning etc.

When the lightning strikes, that’s when we see the first UFO which is a triangle shaped or pyramid shaped UFO if you prefer.

We can only see the UFO from one side (from the front), so it really could be a pyramid shape. But since only one side is being filmed technically we have to call it a triangle shaped UFO.

Anyway, technicalities aside there’s a lot going on here in just one video!

Because by my count we are seeing three UFOs! There’s the first UFO triangle shape, then there’s the UFO rectangle shape that’s above the top left triangle UFO.

And obviously the biggest one is the latest UFO sighting, which is a huge dark colored triangle, but it’s pointed downwards with the apex of the triangle pointing downwards.

It was filmed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Instagram account Ufoglobal_italia uploaded this video to their feed and I encourage you to go and check out their Instagram account because they have been uploading excellent UFO sightings for a long time.

It was uploaded without any information other than the UFO sighting actually taking place over Dubai which is in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Personally I believe that it is the UFO sighting itself that is the main information, but I fully understand that if we try to link UFO sightings to create a timeline of events or for historical purposes I understand how important it is to have this information.

(Lee Lewis UFO Researcher)

The argument is that the UFO sighting in this video could be computer generated imagery (CGI).

But logically, this is always the most comfortable and least efficient explanation for skeptical minds in the face of what they cannot explain… or accept.

Everyone is free to believe what they want.
That freedom has STILL not been taken from us.

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