Time and time again, reputable military and commercial airliners have dared to risk their reputations, stepping out to reveal information about their UFO encounters. Why?


Are they chasing fame by bringing these stories to light? Do these saucer clash stories have any realism?

There is no single answer that can please all readers. Therefore, we will only give the testimony of one pilot below for you to decide for yourself.

Former US Air Force major George Filer III has had 5,000 flying hours in his career, so he’s not a rookie on the fly. In 2013, he told his story to former congressmen at a hearing on UFO sightings at the National Press Club.

Filer is a strong believer in the existence of aliens on Earth. He suggested that aliens have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. In his view, the frequency of encounters with UFOs is more than we think and efforts are currently being made to cover up their existence.

In January 1962, Filer was a pilot stationed at the United States Air Force Base at Sculthorpe RAF Base, England. While on an aerial refueling mission in the North Sea at 9,100 m, London Air Traffic Control informed Filer that their radar had picked up a signal of something strange.

“It reminded me of the radar signal of the Brooklyn Bridge (1,800 m) or the Forth Bridge in Scotland (2,500 m), which is more than 1.6 km long,”
Mr. Filer recalled.

He had just finished refueling from his tanker and was heading to the object location. According to London Air Traffic Control, the unidentified object was hovering in an area near Stonehenge, at an altitude of about 300m. The sun had just set and the sky was quite clear.

When Filer approached within 40km of the UFO, his APS-23 plane’s radar detected it.

This is an extremely large radar signal, indicating that this is a large ship or boat. This spaceship is bigger than anything I’ve seen in the air before. It reminds me of the radar signal of the Brooklyn Bridge (1,800 m) or Forth Bridge in Scotland (2,500 m), which is more than 1.6 km in length.

This ship had sharp and solid lines against the hazy landscape of the surrounding dark clouds. I feel this ship must be made of iron or strong metal. We were traveling at 680 km/h when we were within about 15 km of the object, and that UFO must have realized we were approaching,” Filer said.

Illustration (

Darkness had covered the area so Filer and the co-pilot could see the light of the craft flying before them. As they drew closer, the light turned from dim to bright as the UFO sped up. It flew into the sky at an unbelievable speed and then disappeared quickly. Mr Filer asked London Air Traffic Control if any missile launches had taken place in the area, to which they replied no. Unable to do anything else, he returned to base and recorded the incident in his itinerary.

It seemed that Mr Filer was the only one taking this strange encounter seriously, but just weeks later he and his crew received a dinner invitation from Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. As it turned out, Prince Phillips was intrigued when he heard about Filer’s experience. Duke Phillips was inspired about UFOs by his uncle Earl Mountbatten, who witnessed flying saucers up close while in the Navy.

Prince Phillip told Filer that he had spoken to crews who had encountered UFOs before. He revealed that the phenomenon is more common than most people think.

Former pilot George Filer

This incident made Filer more confident about the existence of UFOs. He was particularly interested in one point: that large spaceship hovering above the site of Stonehenge. Accordingly, he thinks there may be a connection between these ancient megalithic structures and unidentified flying objects.

The megalithic work Stonehenge seen from above (Image:

Currently serving as regional director of the Mutual UFO Network, Filer continues to research and publish his findings on the UFO phenomenon.

What do you think about the above experience?

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