A mysterious flying object emitting a magical blue light has hovered above a 19th-century windmill in eastern England.

The blue UFO appears in the photo.

The images of the strange object were captured by photographer Peter Rye while he was doing night photography of the 19th century Denver windmill in the town of Norfolk.

The Denver Mill, built in 1835, was illuminated all night, so Mr. Rye was able to place the camera on a tripod for the shoot.

While there, Mr. Rye did not hear or see anything unusual. It was only when he got home and checked the camera again that he saw the strange object in the image. “In the pictures, I see it moving from right to left.”

Photographer Peter Rye.

Lindsay Abel, the custodian of the windmill, said: “It was strange.” Windmills were once an airborne landmark for astronauts and were used as a navigational tool during World War II, Ms. Abel said.

“The Germans used it during the war when they went to the English Midlands to drop bombs. It is possible that the UFO “infiltrated” the Earth to see its strange propellers.

Malcolm Robinson, founder of the Committee to Investigate Strange Phenomena, judged that the strange object in the photo was a Chinese-made sky lantern.

The Denver windmill was decommissioned in 1941 when it was struck by lightning. But since then, it has been restored and is now the only working windmill in Norfolk.

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