Since ancient times, China has had records of incidents allegedly involving UFOs and aliens.

The Chinese have artifacts like they want to simulate UFOs (Image:

UFOs and aliens are mysteries that modern humans have not been able to decipher. In the old days, aliens were said to have come to Earth and helped ancient people build monumental wonders like in Egypt… The story of UFOs and aliens appearing in China is also no exceptions…

UFO appeared during the Warring States period, witnessed by the king of a country?

In 354 BC, during the Warring States period, Zhang Zu (king who ruled the Former Liang state – a warring state period) witnessed the appearance of “UFOs”. According to his record in the book “Jin Shu”, the sky suddenly became brighter in the evening and a loud sound was heard in the night and “it” appeared.

“It” here is described as a circle-like object, considered to be something of unknown location, identity. Three years later, the emperor and his family were murdered.

Aliens came to China during the Qin Dynasty?

Have extraterrestrials arrived since China was first unified? (Photo:

According to the “Ten Testaments”, the earliest historical record book in the Qin Dynasty, aliens with more advanced civilizations came to Earth very early, choosing the right area to stay. and even deliberately saved for many years.

However, after that, there is no evidence or argument that is strong enough to prove that what is written in the book is true. Therefore, whether or not aliens appeared in the era of Qin Shi Huang has become an inexplicable mystery.

Famous poet To Dongpo saw “UFO”?

The painting depicts an ancient man and a UFO (Image:

According to his records, To Dongpo (a famous poet and cultural writer of the Song Dynasty) was on his way to Hangzhou to receive his new post when he was suddenly awakened at two o’clock in the morning. Unexpectedly, something called a “circular torch” appeared and glowed in the river, making his mind spin.

Later, a passage in his book “Du Kim Son Tu” recalls this incident, which he describes as “something that is not clear whether it is a person or a demon”.

Some people explain that the torch is the flying saucer in which the aliens are in the river. Although this explanation is relatively vague, there didn’t seem to be a better explanation at the time.

The Weird Airplane of the Ming Dynasty

Ming Dynasty painting depicting people looking at a strange light (Image:

During the Ming Dynasty, there was a record of an airplane that raised many questions. In the painting “Chich Diem Dang Hong” (by artist Ngo Huu Nhu), there are many people on Hong Tuoc Bridge in Nanjing looking at a huge light with doubts and speculations.

The artist himself also expressed doubts about this, and this painting has become an indispensable valuable document in the current Chinese study of UFOs.

UFO visited the Yangtze River in the Jin Dynasty

The vestiges seem to describe a strange creature that landed on Earth (Photo:

In AD 334, the general Yu Liang of the Jin Dynasty discovered that there was a large torch-like fire in Wuchang Citadel when he inspected the place, and more importantly, there were unidentified “roof” layer hovering over the top of the “torch”.

They moved until the Yangtze River, the flames gradually disappeared, and their “roofs” disappeared with them. It could be a group of flying saucers, but it’s also hard to have a solid scientific basis for this.

Roswell event China version

Many people know about the Roswell event in the United States. The content mainly tells about aliens who are caught by the US military after an accident in the air. In fact, there have been similar incidents in China as well.

There are plates that are said to contain extraterrestrial languages ​​(Image:

In 1938, an American archaeologist discovered unusual stone discs in a few tombs in China’s Calashan ravine, and these stone discs had hieroglyphs extending from the center. disc aside. According to the explanation of scientists, the aliens called themselves “Duriba”.

According to research, these stone objects existed here more than 10,000 years ago. Then the aliens may have landed here and left their words and signs.

This raises the question that China may be the first place to visit by extraterrestrials.

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