Among us, perhaps all of us have the desire to possess superior intelligence and outstanding talent. This article will tell a thrilling story of genius that is involved in a great secret that many people are looking for the answer to.

Genius chosen by aliens 

Alien-selected scientist William Mills Tompkins and his book. (Photo: Summary)

In 2015, a book called “Scientist Chosen by Aliens, Secret Extraterrestrial Work Plan.” The book caused a huge explosive shock from 60 years ago. William Mill Tompkins, said that he was the chosen one of the aliens.

So let’s take a look at this mythical-sounding book, is it really just shocking or is it real? 

Author Tompkins’ resume seems very reputable. He worked in the Naval Intelligence Division, was a senior technician at McDonnell Douglas, and joined the McDonnell Douglas research team. He was also involved in the entire process of the Apollo moon mission. He designed the control panel for the Apollo program. He also witnessed the entire Apollo moon landing process at the command and control center.

William Mill Tompkins book cover

Genius’ Initial Level Up
The story begins in Tompkins’ early years. He was born in Los Angeles, from a young age he was fond of mechanical machines, especially with a great memory, it can be said that he was born with the aura of genius.

As a teenager, he suddenly developed an interest in warships, so Tompkins visited the port of Long Beach in California several times. After visiting the aircraft carriers and cruisers in the harbour, he drew his own drawings from memory. Tompkins could even imagine exactly where he’d never even been to visit. So he made his own model of the fleet, with 50 warships.

The model was created with an exact ratio of 600:1. Tompkins’ father was so proud of his son’s talent that he put a few of them on his shop window. This also attracts reporters to interview. Reportage and photos of the Los Angeles Times covered this case, but did not expect it to bring trouble.

Since it was World War II, the 17th Naval Intelligence Service, after seeing the Los Angeles Times, and later identifying the model made by Tompkins, suspected Tompkins of being a military spy, because this model is fitted with anti-aircraft radar, and even mines and other equipment. The exact location and the exact proportions, all a military secret at the time, how could a teenager with no military experience make such an accurate model. Investigators think that, behind this, it is not simple. One day in 1942, a group of people came and ransacked his house.

While the family was confused, the leader of the group, holding a stack of battleship drawings upstairs with a complicated expression, asked Tompkins if the drawings were all his. Tompkins nodded nervously. The team leader patted his thigh and said, “Boy, come and help the navy.” 

Thus, Tompkins was only 17 years old when he became a Marine. He was originally a 3rd class sailor, equivalent to the lowest rank in the navy. Before long, Tompkins was continuously promoted, and was involved in various top-secret naval projects. For example, designing and testing various new aircraft. Because of confidentiality agreements, in his own book he does not write much about his naval career, nor what his final rank was. But the warship models that he made, are still on display today in the Carlsbad Museum in California. It has become an unsurpassed benchmark in the modeling industry.

After serving in the Navy for four years, Tompkins retired and joined McDonnell Douglas, an aircraft company as famous as Boeing. During the 1950s of the US-Soviet Cold War, in addition to developing many new aircraft, the company also produced major weapons systems such as the Nike Ajax surface-to-air missile, and the Nike Hercules air defense missile. .

Every year, McDonnell Douglas receives a large number of orders from the United States Department of Defense. With his resume, Tompkins was recruited into the company’s senior research team. After joining the team, Tompkins realized that something was wrong because some members had special skills like him. For example, someone has never studied thermodynamics, but can design a rocket propulsion, just as when he was a teenager, he was able to accurately draw the weapon layout of a ship. War I’ve never seen before.

One of the team’s advisors is the famous scientist Einstein. Geniuses like Einstein are here, and there are people with special qualities like him gathered in the same environment. Tompkins was emotional, because for the first time in his life he found a sense of belonging.

Alien Selection
In 1935, the team received a top secret mission. The McDonnell Douglas company wants to work with Nokia Bell Labs, to develop a system engineering called Nike Zeus.

It is also known as the Douglas Dm -15 weapon system. This was the first US air defense missile program. This category is subsidized by Congress. A door of the new world slowly opened in front of Tompkins.

As the team was meeting, Tompkins learned that the Nike Zeus wasn’t quite meant to compete with another superpower at the time, the Soviet Union. The development of this anti-aircraft missile system to defend against another more formidable enemy. That is the aliens. They want to have to deal with the alien invasion. Tompkins almost choked after hearing that. It turns out that aliens are not sci-fi movies or legends, but real ones. 

Tompkins almost choked after hearing that. It turns out that aliens are not sci-fi movies or legends, but real ones. (Image: Pixabay)

Moreover, the military had contact with aliens, but to what extent Tompkins was not clear, because he himself was not high-ranking at the time, and important documents were accessible. also limited.

He could only surmise by coming into contact with aliens during his mission. At this time Tompkins suddenly discovered that he had a new skill, which was to be able to receive some information and images in the brain. For example, when working with a colleague on a project, he will suddenly receive some information related to that project. This information was so transcendent that no one thought of it at the time.

Later, Tompkins chatted with his colleagues and noticed that many of them had the same phenomenon. Some can receive information, some can directly see images in their brains. Some may also see images that are momentary. But this way of communication is one-way, they can’t actively contact the aliens, can’t ask questions

People didn’t notice it at first, but later on, it happened more and more often, the geniuses began to suspect. Could it be that the aliens chose their group to teach alien technology to Earth humans in this way? When they were designing a part, Tompkins and his colleague Jim, in turn, got the same message that they wanted to miniaturize the computer to some extent, so that it could enter the bloodstream to solve many problems. human health issues. If a broken leg is not a problem, this microcomputer can control the human body to grow a new leg. 

Two geniuses Tompkins and Jim talked to each other and were both amazed. Has alien technology developed to this extent? People today know that this is the supreme state of the combination of nanotechnology and genetic engineering. But that was in the 1950s, and when Tompkins received the message, a computer was about the size of a large room. At the time when it came to reducing the size of such a mainframe to the size of a cell, wasn’t that way beyond the times?

Visit the alien race
So what are aliens? Tompkins synthesizes his and his colleagues’ insights, and identifies four types of aliens that are related to earthlings. They are roughly divided into Norse, ant-man, gray elves, and reptilian. Among them, the Nordic-looking aliens can be considered the most friendly to earthlings.

Tompkins believes that most of the useful information he received came from the Norse people. The image these aliens show to Earthlings is actually Nordic with light blonde hair, straight nose, and tall build, but it’s unclear if this is their camouflage or their true form. Some Nordic aliens have lived on Earth for a very long time.

Later, when Tompkins got old and left the company, he recalled that there was a beautiful female secretary at the company that he had come in contact with, possibly a Nordic alien, because this female secretary named Jessica not only can read his mind, but can also transmit some information to him through telepathy.

In addition to the Norse aliens, Tompkins and his colleagues consider that ant-men, gray elves and reptiles are very unfriendly to Earthlings. But it is very strange that even the Nordic people seem friendly, when they conveyed information to this group of geniuses, Tompkins and his colleagues felt a shiver.

So their common conclusion is: aliens have had their eyes on earth for a long time, but due to mutual restraint and balance, or some stronger force holding them back, so Although they have technology that is hundreds or thousands of times ahead of earthlings, they cannot take over the earth.

Their common conclusion is: aliens have had their eye on Earth for a long time, but due to mutual restraint and balance, or some stronger force has held them back. (Image: Pixabay)

During his re-contact with the aliens, Tompkins learned that several alien spacecraft were stationed somewhere between the moon and Mars. The UFOs that come to Earth are small probes sent from these spacecraft, like reconnaissance planes that take off from an aircraft carrier.

The most terrifying thing is that Tompkins and his colleagues, through the information and images that the aliens sent them, learned that aliens control and operate about 60 planets in the Milky Way. River. He and the geniuses speculated that sooner or later the Earth would be theirs. This is the ultimate goal of the aliens to control the Earth.

But they also think that, before that, the aliens still need human cooperation to complete some basic construction work and pave the way. So Tompkins and his colleagues were very worried, and no one could guess the alien’s plan. Everyone focused and wanted to complete the Nike Zeus defense plan, but this plan didn’t go as expected, the Nike Zeus plan suddenly stopped.

The surface reason is that the Department of Defense has stopped funding, but Tompkins and colleagues believe, the most likely reason is that the top decision-making level has been controlled by tiny gray aliens. So the plan was canceled, and even the research team was disbanded.

Aliens prevent landing on the moon?
In the 1960s, NASA decided to carry out the plan to put Apollo on the moon, to establish a space base on it. The investment amount is quite large. The McDonnell Douglas Company became a government contractor and joined.

At this point, Tompkins has been at McDonnell for 12 years, he has also been promoted from a regular engineer to a senior engineer of the company. He designed a concept drawing of a space vehicle in another McDonnell Douglas aeronautical project. So the company let Tompkins head a team competing for the Apollo plan. Tompkins, vice president McDonnell Douglas and a lobbying team of eight experts boarded a plane to Alabama.

NASA has its headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama. Along the way, Tompkins was very nervous because it was up to him to get the contract or not. So, he kept looking at his watch, suddenly a familiar feeling came rushing back. It’s like when he designed the Nike Zeus, there was information being transmitted into his brain. 

This time too, the message passed to him was: he did not have to worry, after getting off the plane he would drive alone in a 10-ton convertible truck to Redstone Arsenal with all the documents. There, he will meet two people from NASA, who will decide whether to accept his plan or not. When presenting a plan, it is important to say one part first, then the other. At this time, the corresponding documents appeared in Tompkins’ mind, and after receiving such instructions, he gradually calmed down.

After getting off the plane, NASA actually prepared a 10-ton truck and even specified that Tompkins alone would come to the meeting. Tompkins had no choice but to drive a big truck himself, in a suit and leather shoes.

Head to the Redstone Arsenal, one of the largest and most secretive military installations in the United States. (Artwork: Pixabay)

Head to the Redstone Arsenal, one of the largest and most secretive military installations in the United States. It houses the Army Air and Missile Commands, as well as a number of important military bases such as the Space Intelligence Center, the Army Space and Missile Defense Command. Tompkins drove the convertible to a building. There he met Dr. Kurt Heinrich Debus, and rocket expert from Germany Wernher von Braun.

Speaking of Wernher, he was the main designer of the famous Nazi V2 rocket. His ancestors were Prussian noblemen. Before the end of World War II, the United States Strategic Intelligence Agency launched a long-planned top secret operation, Project Paperclip, to transfer a group of top scientists and technologists. head from Nazi Germany with design data to the United States. Braun and his team were brought back to the US under the Paperclip project. Braun later became one of NASA’s chief designers. During the moon landing program, the launch vehicle of Apollo 4 – Saturn 5, was written by von Braun.

Of course, Tompkins knew Braun’s position well. And someone as prestigious as Braun listened directly to him, showing how important this bidding was to the Apollo project. Tompkins calmed down and began to explain step by step how to execute the Apollo plan according to the information he had entered his mind earlier. After the four-hour presentation, seeing the eyes of the two listeners light up, he knew he had succeeded.

So the McDonnell Douglas company has successfully received a contract with NASA. Tompkins also designed launch console number 39 for Apollo. This is his strength. After several years of preparation, in July 1969, Apollo 11 on the 20th entered the Moon’s orbit

The module landed successfully, bringing the two astronauts to the calm waters of the Moon’s surface. In fact, it’s a crater on the moon. At that moment, everyone in the control room heard Armstrong’s first words very clearly: “God, people won’t believe it, these things are so big, and there’s a spaceship here, a ship giant universe”.

Armstrong then turned the lens around towards the crater. On the TV screen in the control tower, Tompkins clearly saw six huge pyramid-shaped buildings. Everyone in the control station was stunned, silent. However, the public did not see this scene on TV, the video was classified as top secret by the CIA.

In his book, Tompkins drew a sketch. This is the famous signal loss event that lasted two minutes after Armstrong landed on the moon. It is generally believed that something must be wrong when the broadcast is interrupted suddenly. Tompkins also confirmed this in his memoirs.

What is surprising is that after Apollo landed on the moon 6 times, within a few months, the entire moon landing program was completely suspended. All space plans after Apollo were also cancelled, so Tompkins couldn’t help but think that perhaps it was aliens who played a role in preventing humans from continuing to explore the moon.

Moreover, Tompkins clearly felt that the interior of the moon was hollow, with thousands of buildings, cities, towers, and hundreds of control centers. This may be the reason why aliens prevent humans from going to the moon to find out, they don’t want to let humans know too many secrets. 

What confused Tompkins was that, 35 years after the government abandoned the moon landing, President Bush Jr. gave a speech that needed to go back to the moon in 2015. Of course, that time has now been pushed back. Did aliens send messages to these high-ranking government officials to return humans to the moon? What is the reason? Tompkins thrills everyone, because he has another book about his experience after he left the McDonnell Douglas company.

Aliens control the earth?
Tompkins’ revelation left many deep questions unanswered, such as how deep is the relationship between the US government and aliens. If it is said that many aerospace experts, like Tompkins, are selected by extraterrestrials to intentionally impart knowledge, does the US government know about this, and also intentionally select people this to set up the project? Did the aliens give a list of these people to the US government? 

Or are top US government officials in a state of being controlled by aliens without knowing it? Also, do aliens have a deeper and more permanent arrangement in human society? Besides dealing with human government, could there be informants or agents hidden deeper in society? These problems Tompkins have no answer, due to limited working hours, and limited access to the system at all levels.

On May 16, 2022, the United States Congress held its first public hearing on UFOs. Many puzzling issues over the past two years have been raised at the hearing one after another, and the Pentagon has publicly acknowledged the UAP phenomenon. This is another name for UFOs – unidentified aerial phenomena, and also acknowledges that these unidentified flying objects may pose a threat to the national security of the United States.

After the public hearing there will be a closed hearing, it is estimated that there will be more valuable evidence. This is truly the age of acceleration of things. In just two short years, many stories that we previously thought were hard to believe have been proven not to be legends. As the decoding process progresses step by step, more compelling stories may come to fruition.

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