Curious about a strange light moving, they used binoculars to observe. It has the shape of a plate, rows of windows emit colored light, on the windows it looks like a shadow of a person…, they were so scared that they immediately drove away, but it was too late…

The Hill couple – the event of being abducted by aliens

The Hill couple were kidnapped by a saucer-shaped UFO. (Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock)

There is a Hill couple in America, they live in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. Husband Barney Hill is an American Representative and wife Betty Hill is a social worker and community leader for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

When the Hill couple travel to Canada on vacation, they encounter a sudden abduction by UFO aliens.

On the evening of September 19, 1961, Hills was driving home from Niagara Falls, Canada. When they arrived south of Dlancaster at 10:15 p.m., Barney was the first to spot a flash of light near the Moon and asked Betty to watch it, which they assumed was a bright star in the night sky. Later, the two discover the light is actually moving, at first they convince themselves that it is a blip of a plane or a satellite, but its exterior cannot be explained by these things.

Betty remembers that her sister had seen a UFO once and thought the light was as unusual as the UFO. To see more clearly what the light was, they parked their car on the side of the road, let their dog roam freely, and then used binoculars to observe the strange object for a while. After that, the two returned to the car and drove to a remote road in the south to transport wood materials, in the process of working, they discovered a strange object that seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, coming from the west. move to.

When Hills stopped the car a second time and peered through the binoculars, they could clearly see the unidentified saucer-shaped object, and the rows of windows emitting colored light from above, the windows like shadows. People. Seeing that moment clearly, Barney was so scared that he immediately drove away. Along the way, they did not see the UFO again, but there was always a humming of unknown origin ringing in their ears. Not long after, the couple simultaneously felt a vague sense of consciousness, then fell into a coma. When Hills woke up, they found that 2 hours had passed, and their memories of the time were completely blank.

When they returned home to Portsmouth, Barney discovered unexplained damage to his shoes, Betty saw a tear in her dress, and there were also some inexplicable marks on the car. Hills then reported their encounter with a nearby Air Force base on September 21, where radar is said to have detected an unidentified object on September 20.

Regression hypnosis reveals the truth
Some time after this incident, Betty’s wife continued to have nightmares about UFOs and aliens, in the dream she and Barney were both abducted into UFOs by aliens for examination. Betty wrote down her dreams and told Barney.

She later went to the library to read books about UFOs and wrote letters about her experiences to the ‘National Commission on Atmospheric Phenomena’. The National Committee members then visited the Hills, interviewed them for several hours, and wrote a lengthy report for the committee.

Her husband, Barney, suffered a relapse of high blood pressure and ulcers the following year, which was diagnosed by doctors as mental illness. Hills visited Boston’s famous psychiatrist Benjamin Simon on December 14, 1963, and through Simon’s hypnotherapy, they discovered that the couple had been abducted by aliens. UFO within 2 hours of passing out.

The description of the appearance of these aliens is very similar to the appearance of the “little gray man” in the “Roswell UFO crash”. The Hill and his wife were taken to different rooms to study, both recalling some details of the UFO encounter, Barney was so overwhelmed with fear and anger that he closed his eyes most of the time. .

Among Hills’ memories, the most important is that the aliens showed her a “star map”, on which she could see information about the planet where the aliens were, and Betty had Draw a star chart in a trance. The mental condition of the Hill couple also gradually improved after this treatment. Their experience became the first known alien abduction.

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