We have seen some aliens in many pictures, but what is their body structure?

Lieutenant Colonel Philip Corso. (Photo via Alchetron)

Lieutenant Colonel Philip Corso, who worked in the Overseas Technology Division of the Pentagon’s Army Research and Development Agency, had access to a variety of classified alien-related documents. He gave some very unique descriptions of it.

Lieutenant Colonel Corso, speaking of the alien autopsies, recalls: “At the military base at Fort Riley, Kansas, I had a great experience, but gradually forgot about it. Then, when I saw the classified documents General Trudeau received in the Pentagon office, I began to recall it. These documents are fully documented in Walter – Alien Anatomy Records at Reed Military Hospital.”

Attached to these documents were photographs of the nearly identical creatures Lieutenant Colonel Corso had seen in the hospital. It’s just that compared to the alien body that Lieutenant Colonel Corso saw at that time, the degree of decomposition in the photo is more serious, there are lesions everywhere. The autopsy report described it as follows: “The hearts and lungs of these creatures were much larger than those of humans, especially their bones, although smaller than humans, were much stronger than those of humans. People.”

The bones, skin and internal organs of aliens are different in atomic structure than ours. “Although the heart has severely rotted, it is different from humans, in addition to its function of transporting blood as a pump, it also has a reserve function. In addition, the alien lung is unusually large because it has a storage function that can capture a large amount of air, which can be saved for use in an emergency.”

In addition, their hearts and lungs are much larger than humans, which means their metabolism is slower. That is, their time progress may be slower than ours. It can be said that this is because it can adapt to extremely long distance space flight. Bone flexibility can be explained by its ability to withstand extreme gravity.

The bones, skin and internal organs of aliens are different in atomic structure than ours. (Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock)

Lieutenant Colonel Corso points out: “From this series of situations, I think that this alien is not the creature we think it is, but rather, it is some kind of ‘remote-controlled biological robot’ created. out for space travel.”

Of course, it is still uncertain whether Lieutenant Colonel Corso’s view is correct, but it is hard to believe that during the Roswell incident, according to the soldiers who entered the UFO cabin, there was nothing resembling food in the cabin. . Nor discovered the kitchen and toilet that we humans usually have. Given the situation, Lieutenant Colonel Corso speculated that the aliens might have obtained the energy they needed in some way.

After that, some images of alien autopsies were also revealed in the media. So is this the same as what Lieutenant Colonel Corso revealed? “For me, I can’t tell if the images are real, but they look a bit different from the alien heads I’ve seen,” Corso said. The aliens I have seen have larger heads, eyes, nose and mouth seem to be concentrated in the lower part of the face. Their eyeballs seem more like light bulbs. Also, the aliens I’ve seen have only 4 fingers and no thumbs. But what you see on TV is there are six fingers.”

Lieutenant Colonel Corso also pointed out that: “There is no description of alien genitalia in the autopsy report, which could mean that the aliens did not have such a thing as genitalia. sex. And this is one of the bases for my so-called ‘remote-controlled biorobot’.”

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