Google Earth’s cameras have recorded an object that looks a lot like a “falling saucer-shaped UFO” in a mountain area in the state of Arizona, USA, according to a video recently posted on YouTube. This video has attracted the attention of quite a few people.

When zoomed in for a closer look, this ‘UFO’ appears as a giant circular object, with a white SUV parked next to it.

Posted to YouTube by UFO Secure Team, Tyler, the narrator, claims that the spacecraft is even in a ‘no fly’ zone.

Secure Team claims to have discovered a ‘dropped saucer’ in a Google Earth shot in Arizona, USA. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Theo Tyler:

“Like I said, this could be an object’s drop location, or a test area.

“What really intrigues me is that this zone is not just one zone, but two no-fly zones (one set up for a larger range, and a small one at the exact location of the plane). of this object)”.

ufo This object lies within two no-fly zones, a large no-fly zone (blue), and a smaller no-fly zone (red circle – presumably established for the object itself). (Screenshot / YouTube)

“That’s just too many military-grade [flying] restricted zones for this object, whatever it is.”

The video has had more than 300,000 views so far since it was posted last month. However, the comments section below shows that most of the audience is not really convinced.

However, when skimming through the comments section below, it seems that most viewers are not convinced.

(Photo: Internet)

User Joshua Youngblood commented:

“I tried looking it up on Google Earth, and looked at it more closely. There are some old disjointed structures in the vicinity and what looks like a solar panel. I assume this is a water tank.

“It’s also right in the middle of Swaggart Spring. And this is not a no-fly zone.”

In addition, Andrew Hennessey wrote:

“It looks like a half-inflated tent, or even an inflatable dinghy flipped upside down to use as a tent.”

If you’d like to view the object yourself on Google Maps (or Google Earths, enter the following coordinate code: 31°26’43.0″N 109°04’30.0″W into Google Earth, or click directly on it. this.

Watch the video of UFO Secure Team:

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