There are many prophets, who have made a lot of predictions about the future of mankind. Among them exists a prophecy hundreds of years ago about the invasion of our aliens.

Predictions about the landing of aliens attacking the earth – Photo: sound of hope

There are many people who have made such predictions, and there are even predictions that give a specific date on when it will happen.

Although many of these predictions did not come true, the information given by the oracles would lead people to believe that an alien invasion of the earth may be imminent. Here are 4 predictions that have been particularly valued by the Daily Star.

Baba Vanga: At the end of 2020 aliens will invade the earth
Baba Vanga, Bulgarian psychic, long dead grandmother, spent most of her time between 1911 and 1996 bringing her making shocking predictions about the future, which really surprised and admired many people.

Before his death, Baba Vanga predicted by the end of 2022 aliens would invade the earth by sending asteroids to search for life on our planet, and the result would not be good thing for mankind. Baba Vanga emphasized that the aliens will not come peacefully, saying that “alien ships will attack the earth, they will bomb cities and capture people”.

Baba Vanga has correctly predicted other world events in the past, including the 9/11 attacks, the 2004 tsunami and the Obama election in which Trump contracted a mysterious illness in 2020. But she also had times when her predictions were wrong.

Uri Geller: Aliens teach him superpowers
British-Israeli magician Uri Geller, 75, has long believed that aliens are about to invade our earth. He also claims that it was the aliens who taught him superpowers when he was a child. And he traveled the world for many years doing various performances.

He has repeatedly warned that aliens are coveting Earth’s resources, and urged the militaries of all countries to prepare against the invaders from space.

He recently announced on social media that he has discovered that a species of galaxy 4,000 light years away, an army of universes is planning to invade the earth and they are moving towards earth at high speed. They produce massive bursts of energy three times an hour, unlike anything astronomers have seen before.

Uri emphasized that the intelligence and technology of this extraterrestrial group far exceeds that of humans, and that governments must handle it carefully. “In my opinion, there is no doubt that the aliens are much smarter than us. Let’s start deciphering their messages, and they are preparing for a mass landing!”

Uri had previously predicted that aliens would soon come into contact with humans, saying, “They might land on the lawn of the White House or somewhere else, I wouldn’t say thousands of years from now, I I’d say it’s going to happen in 60 to 75 years.

Nick Pope: If the phone calls from space….don’t answer it!
Nick Pope is a British freelance journalist and former UFO investigator for the UK Department of Defense. Earlier this year, the UFO expert warned on Blaze TV’s Distincishable From Magic that “if we find aliens, or they find us, the world will change forever”.

Nick Pope: Warning to aliens – Photo: Internet

Recalling two events he attended at the Royal Society in London, discussing the biggest questions regarding extraterrestrial life, Pope said, “We’ve actually discovered extraterrestrial life. planets, not only receiving signals or detecting aliens, but in the future they will come to destroy us.” The Royal Society has different opinions on this.

Quoting another professor, Pope went on to warn that “if the space phone rings… don’t answer it,” he fears it will be too late, “because human civilization could be detected in the For decades, because our televisions and radios have leaked signals into space, any extraterrestrial civilizations are aware of our existence, potentially threatening us. threaten us.”

Stephen Hawking: Aliens Could Be Nomads
The late British theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking also said something very disturbing about extraterrestrials before his death in 2004. 2018.

The scientist told Discovery Channel in a documentary that aired in 2010 that contact with aliens may not have had a positive effect on humans. “These advanced aliens can become nomads, seeking to colonize any planet they can reach. Who knows what limits there will be?”.

In another Discovery Channel documentary in 2016, he also stated that “if aliens came to visit us, the outcome would be the same as when Columbus landed in the Americas, and the outcome would not be good for us.” Native Americans”.

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