Perhaps the Philadelphia experiment is one of the most conspiratorial experiments in history, bringing together many of the most enigmatic sci-fi elements such as time travel, teleportation, the unification theory of Einstein, military secrets, etc.

Morris Ketchum Jessup, with a Master of Science in Astronomy, although for most of his life was an auto parts salesman and photographer, he is perhaps best remembered for his writings. write and book about UFOs.

But on April 20, 1959, this 59-year-old man (Morris Ketchum Jessup) was found dangerously in the driver’s seat of his car. On the way to the hospital, his vital signs such as heart rate and breathing gradually disappeared and Jessup died.

Police believe it was a suicide and the cause of death was poisoning himself with high concentrations of carbon monoxide – caused by a hose connecting the exhaust pipe to the rear window while the door was sealed. Once he started the car, he would die of asphyxiation from the exhaust. However, some claim that Jessup may have been murdered rather than committed suicide.

In the 1950s, the United States Naval Research Service received a mysterious package. The package did not have any signatures, instead it contained a brief “Happy Easter”. After opening this package, what was inside was the book “The Case for the UFO” written by Jessup.

The strange thing is that the blank sections of the title page are all filled with dense notes, but the words in them are extremely confusing with dense grammatical errors. At first glance, this is most likely just a prank by someone unhappy with the authorities.

As a government agency, the United States Naval Research Service receives all kinds of anonymous letters every day, most of which are ignored. But it was this book that caught the attention of the then department of naval research, whereby Jessup was contacted by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in Washington, DC to clarify the incident.

Faced with skepticism, Jessup pulled out two letters he had received earlier from a mysterious man, both signed by Carlos Allende. It is important that the style and technique of writing these two letters are very similar to what was written in the book sent to the United States Naval Research Service.

After comparing the handwriting, they were able to confirm that they were indeed written by the same person. But Jessup’s letter revealed indirect references to the Philadelphia experiment: on October 28, 1943, the United States Naval Research Service conducted a secret experiment aboard the destroyer USS Eldridge under construction. repairs at the Philadelphia Dockyard.

In the evening some of the crew members on the destroyer could be seen in the distance. Somehow, the destroyer began to be enveloped in a faint blue light. Gradually, the people standing on the ship began to disappear from the deck. The people on the shore did not have time to react, both the people and the boat disappeared into the air.

By some miracle, the train suddenly reappeared at Norfolk Pier 479 km away.

The letters also reveal that although the ship is completely inactive, it can teleport from one place to another. This also means that the conjugate space transfer technique is successful. However, this space transfer had strong physical and psychological side effects for the crew.

As a result, the navy froze the test for fear it would affect the war and they destroyed all relevant data about the test. The members who participated in the experiment were also forced to retire, and some of them disappeared.

Signer Carlos Allende also said he was a crew member and one of the witnesses at the time. But the navy searched according to the information he provided, but did not find any information and confirmed all of the above to be fabrications.

In that era, humanity was still haunted by the shadow of the Second World War, and a large number of war records were lost. Therefore, conspiracy theories, occult theories, extraterrestrial biology also follow and wait for the opportunity to pervade the entire society. When news like the Philadelphia experiment goes viral, it immediately makes people curious and of course people like Jessup won’t let this chance to be famous and will start writing stuff. around this experiment.

Before Jessup could complete her masterpiece, rumors of this Philadelphia experiment being able to travel through time and space spread through the streets. Accordingly, a lot of conjecture as well as conspiracy theories were born to answer questions such as: Who was the leader of the experiment? What is its theoretical basis? How to do the experiment successfully?

And perhaps the most widely circulated conspiracy theory is that the commander-in-chief of the Philadelphia experiment was genius physicist Nikola Tesla, but was later fired for refusing to allow direct testing. Later, John von Neumann took Nikola Tesla’s place, and he conducted this experiment under military pressure. In addition, this experiment was completed through Einstein’s unified field theory, and Einstein himself was involved in the study of this experiment.

Einstein’s theory believes that the gravitational field and the electromagnetic field are related, just as matter and energy can be connected by a formula (E=mc2). Although Einstein has not yet studied the specific relationship between the gravitational field and the electromagnetic field, the Philadelphia experiment demonstrated that there is a positive relationship between them.

The entire experimental design is based on Tesla’s ideas, with giant coils wrapped around the hull. The direction of rotation of the coil is in a specified order, after turning on the power, the generated electromagnetic field will cause the space-time around the hull to be bent.

At the same time, the results of the experiment were also spread in an amazing way, with many even suggesting that it was related to the appearance of aliens. For example, under the influence of the invisible field, some crew members froze and took 6 months to thaw; some crew members caught fire and were burned for 18 days; the members after disappearing and reappearing with the ship are “glued” and “fused” a part between the molecular structure of the body and the ship, etc. Even, some people say that the members This crew member also has superpowers, and can become invisible at any time like wearing Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. Therefore, many people believe that this test could destroy the Earth and condemn the military for hiding the truth.

At the time, seeing the story becoming increasingly one-sided, the US Naval Research Service rushed out to prove that the rumors about the experiment were untrue. To answer the questions, they also specially compiled texts containing factual information. Among them, from the point of view of time alone, the Philadelphia experiment is impossible.

The destroyer USS Eldridge was not at Philadelphia at all on October 28, 1943. They even published a cruise log that day to dispel the rumors.

What is even more absurd is that the US Naval Research Institute did not govern the Philadelphia experiment, since the actual date of the establishment of the Naval Research Institute was 1946, and the exact date of the experiment took place. rumor. Neither the soft nor the hard technology of mankind at that time could meet and complete the requirements of the Philadelphia experiment. This ridiculous urban legend and story also gradually came to an end.

But this official statement of clarification is very limited. So what about Jessup’s suicide in 1959? It led some to think it was a murder plot. But in fact, through investigations, Jessup’s suicide was due to frustration with his previous writing career that caused him to become severely depressed. He also repeatedly told his friends that he did not want to live anymore.

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