Eyes help us perceive the world and when you open your eyes and look out the window every day, you can see a thousand different things.

Source: aboluowang

However, our eyes and brain are more used to what we always see. Sometimes your eyes perceive something in unusual ways based on your perspective. You can be deceived simply because there is some difference between what is in front of your eyes and what you are used to seeing. daily. Here are 5 weird photos that at first glance you might be fooled.

1. A cat walks perfectly perpendicular to the wall

Source: aboluowang

Almost everyone knows that cats are very agile and active animals. They have super good bounce and can weave through seemingly impossible tight spaces and walk on extremely narrow surfaces. So in this photo you would think that the photographer captured the appearance of the cat walking on the wall. But that’s not it. Just rotate the photo slightly to its normal angle and you’ll see the cat is simply lying on its side in a chair with its four legs against the wall.

2. UFO (flying object) in the sky

Source: aboluowang

At a glance, a UFO seemed to have appeared spectacularly among the clouds.

This photo has such an effect because it was taken indoors facing the glass on the window. The so-called UFO is also just the reflection of the indoor light bulb on the glass.

3. Giants?

Source: aboluowang

This photo was taken in Palm Springs, USA, when you see it, you will be surprised at the size of the man in front of you. But this is an optical illusion, and the secret of everything is that the color of the rock the man is standing on coincides with the color of the rocks and mountains in the background.

4. Toilets have no privacy

Source: aboluowang

The restroom is a place that desperately needs privacy, but this photo seems to show a public restroom with very little privacy. This is essentially the effect of the mirrors placed opposite in the family toilet.

5. Building in the middle of the ocean

Source: aboluowang

There are many wonders in nature, and some natural phenomena can also create strange illusions when combined with human architecture. For example, in this photo, the buildings under the thick fog give us the feeling that they are submerged in the ocean.

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