A man in Switzerland built a giant star-shaped UFO parking lot in the desert in Argentina for a very unexpected reason. A man named Werner Jaisli said he was asked by aliens to do so.

Image source: soundofhope

This is the UFO landing site, where the alien spacecraft will land in the future, and he himself will always be waiting for the arrival of the aliens, the building is mainly made of white stone.

It is unclear when Werner Jaisli moved to a small town in the province of Salta, Argentina. What attracts Jaisli is the Salta desert, where many UFO enthusiasts are interested.

Jaisli shared, the aliens contacted him about the construction of a UFO parking lot called Ovniport on the night of November 24, 2008.

Werner Jaisli said: “I was there, Forte Alto, at midnight on November 24, 2008. Suddenly I found everything around me silent, the electricity went out. At the same time there were two luminous objects about 200 meters high above the Calchaquí River. The object is round and colored as if it were polished metal. They flew over 100 meters above my head and cast a strong beam of light. The strange thing is that the light doesn’t affect vision at all. Suddenly something flashed through my mind. It’s like an order. They asked me to build a UFO parking lot.”

After that, Jaisli started building Ovniport.

This landing is shaped like a large star with 36 points facing outwards and the star diameter is up to 48 meters. The center of the star is quite small and the spikes are made of white stones that Jaisli and a few friends took from a nearby mountain.

UFO parking. Image source: noticias

When asked about the idea of ​​​​designing the Ovniport dock, Jaisli said he just followed the instructions that the aliens showed him. Jaisli’s work has been a hot topic of discussion around the world for many years. Quite a few UFO enthusiasts have come to this place to visit and learn.

UFO parking. Image source: noticias

The structural design of the whole building is very logical, to be able to build a structure with such precision, one has to wonder if this is really being commanded by aliens in the sky. A dream?

Jaisli told the media that the alien spacecraft will land about 100 meters above our heads and shine a bright beam of light on the ground. Strangely enough, after that, Werner Jaisli was never seen again, he seemed to disappear into thin air.

Locals also do not know his whereabouts. He used to say that he would wait for the aliens to appear here but now that he is gone, did the aliens come and pick up the people who built the UFO landing site?

Some experts believe that, with the current level of technology, if there are UFOs of aliens infiltrating the earth, they can be observed on earth. Even if some unidentified objects in the universe are close to the earth, astronomical telescopes on earth can detect them, so the assertion that Werner Jaisli was picked up by aliens is still remains a mystery.

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