Once, a nuclear submarine on a mission in the Pacific Ocean discovered 6 strange objects following them very closely.

The captain didn’t know what to do, so he gave the order to surface. Who would have thought that these 6 objects also floated up, then, all of a sudden, they took off into the air, carrying their bodies full of water, and quickly disappeared into the air.

Shocking discovery: UFO 14,000 years ago! Russian Secret: Stay Away From Underwater Frog People! Have they existed since ancient times? At the deepest lake in the world, an underwater UFO with a radius of 500-700m launched into the air within a second, its light temporarily blinding the human eye! (Powered by Unsolved Mysteries)

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Recently, the US Department of Defense announced that the UFO investigation office will be renamed, and expand the development of the research function of the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects in the country, also known as USO (Underground Objects). unspecified country).

Some people are very curious: could there be aliens hiding in the country? Don’t be too surprised, the underwater world is also full of mysteries.

Ghost Submarine

Stories of “ghost submarines” have been circulating among fans of the mystical phenomenon since the Second World War. These giant underwater objects appeared silently like ghosts. You just saw it on the radar, but in the next 1 second, it’s gone. Some submarine captains thought it was the enemy, and fired wildly. As a result, one’s escape speed is even faster than the speed of a cannon bullet, which can’t hurt the opponent at all.

Fortunately, the enemy did not have any hostile intentions, did not launch an attack, otherwise it is unknown how many submarines were buried in the deep sea.

This phenomenon was later called USO. Some say it’s an extraterrestrial’s transportation tool, even suggesting that somewhere deep in the ocean, there’s their base and stronghold. There are also people who claim that it is a sea monster or a mermaid, while others think that this is just an illusion similar to an underwater illusion. In short, people are still skeptical about the USO phenomenon.

Until July 2009, Russia Today, Russia’s largest overseas media, published a shocking report stating that the Russian Navy had declassified some USO files, and they believe that these USOs are technically superior to anything man-made. This time, people are just starting to take the USO event seriously.

In the report, these files were prosecuted from the Soviet era, collected by the Deputy Commander of the Navy, Lieutenant General Nikolay Smirnov personally led a special sub-unit. Vladimir Azhazha, a famous Russian UFO researcher, said that these documents are extremely valuable. Because 50% of UFO events are ocean related, 15% are deep lake related.

One of the examples is the event of 6 USOs, which is now widely circulated on the Internet.

Once, a nuclear submarine on a mission in the Pacific Ocean discovered 6 unidentified objects following them, following them very closely, no matter how they cut their tails, they could not escape. The captain didn’t know what to do, so he gave the order to rise to the surface. Who would have thought that these six objects also floated up, then, all of a sudden, they took off into the air, carrying their bodies full of water, and quickly disappeared into the air. All the officers watched with wide eyes. Spaceship! Spaceship! Didn’t this actually see the spaceship?

Navy Major General Yury Beketov, a retired submarine commander, recalls that during his time on duty in the Bermuda Triangle, he encountered UFOs several times. There are times when the device simultaneously shows an error for no apparent reason, or is strongly interfered with.

Once, they encountered a USO ship with a speed of about 230 knots, or 400 km/h. This made him feel unbelievable. You know, the speed of most submarines is only equivalent to a classic car. Considered the fastest submarine in the world, the “Papa” class submarine developed by the former Soviet Union can only reach a speed of 82 km/h, and due to the technology of construction cannot keep up, the problem of loud noise is very serious. difficult to solve, so also only build one to show muscle, not to produce quantity. In the words of Beketov, the speed of 400 km/h underwater is “a violation of the laws of physics. “There’s only one explanation: the creatures that make them have evolved beyond us, very, very far away.”

“Frog Man” Lake Baikal 

Similar events are described even more in the 2016 book “Russia’s USO Secrets” (Russia’s USO Secrets).

The book mentions that in 1951, a Soviet submarine encountered a huge underwater object, which was heading towards the coast. It was during the Cold War, the captain was on high alert, ordering projectiles to follow the object’s path. Unexpectedly, the underwater object ignored it, kept moving forward, until it was about 50 meters from the water surface, it braked sharply, then changed direction, as if it was teasing them.

The book’s lead author is Paul Stonehill, a leading figure in the study of the Russian USO phenomenon. Originally from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, he was obsessed with UFOs since childhood, after growing up and immigrating to the United States, he maintained contact with UFO enthusiasts in Russia, and they gradually gradually combined into a huge network of scientists, soldiers, UFO witnesses and investigators, collecting a large amount of first-hand data. He later founded his own research center, which investigates several hundred cases of unidentified flying objects in Russia each year. Of which, he said, about 60 percent are authentic, backed up by eyewitnesses and authentic facts.

In 2016 he gathered the cases in a book, published in collaboration with Philip Mantle, a British UFO expert. The book lists a large number of top secret documents obtained from the KGB of the former Soviet Union, and exposes many strange underwater events to the eyes of the world. One of the most striking events is the “frog man” in Lake Baikal.

The mysterious and beautiful Lake Baikal is the largest and deepest lake in the world, with an average depth of 758 meters, the deepest place more than 1,700 meters.

In the summer of 1982, two lieutenant colonels sent a team of scout divers (ÒfrogmenÓ) to conduct routine training at Lake Issyk Kul in Central Asia.

Lake Issyk-Kul is also a world-class large lake, the deepest place is 700 meters. They were unexpectedly visited by the commanding officer of the Ministry of National Defense, Major General V. Demyanko.

The major general said that a strange incident arose during the underwater drill at Lake Baikal. The soldiers encountered a mysterious frog-man. These frog people are nearly 3 meters tall, look like humans. Despite the extremely low water temperatures, they wear only tight-fitting silver swimsuits with no diving equipment, only covering their heads with a spherical helmet. So how do they breathe? Why are they pregnant?

This was also something the officers were curious about. They decided to capture one alive and bring it back to study. So a squad of seven was quickly formed, brought a net and dived. Gradually descending to a depth of 50 meters, the frogman appeared. Everyone spread their nets and quickly chased after them. However, before they could catch up with the frogmen, a great force suddenly hit them, and in the blink of an eye threw them back into the water. Because the water pressure at a depth of 50 meters is very high, divers need to be able to slowly adjust when diving and emerging. But being pushed back into the water immediately is the equivalent of blowing up a balloon in the blink of an eye, resulting in divers suffering from “decompression”. Three people died on the spot, the remaining four were disabled for life.

Therefore, the major general came here to convey orders from his superiors.

Tell them that if they see such frog people at Lake Issyk-Kul, do not provoke them at all, avoid them as far as possible, and warn that this is a state secret.

Phenomenon in NASA’s photo

After the incident went viral, some people suspected that there might be an alien base at the bottom of Lake Baikal. This theory sparked heated discussion after NASA released two images of Lake Baikal in April 2009. In the image, two clearly visible circles, of similar size, look It seems to be all formed by thin ice, about 4km in diameter, one on the south side of the lake, and one in the middle of the lake, both exhibiting perfectly circular shapes. NASA also said these circles have disappeared after the ice melts due to high daytime temperatures. At night, the temperature drops and it freezes again, and the circles reappear. And this is not the first time they have appeared. They also appeared in 1994 and 1985. NASA believes that there must be a warm flow of heat towards the circle,

At this time, USO enthusiasts immediately stepped out and said, is there a flying saucer under these circles, leading to an increase in the water temperature there? When there is a phenomenon that cannot be explained by using natural phenomena, natural people will try to find the cause from man-made factors.

Therefore, this teaching cannot be said to be completely forced. But is this possible after all?

NTV investigation file

In 2015, the independent Russian radio station NTV (in Russian: HTB) sent a reporter to investigate the incident of an unidentified flying object on Lake Baikal. As a result, residents around the lake all testified that flying saucers are a common phenomenon here. The Siberian Times, a Russian English-language online newspaper, detailed the investigation.

Two research staff testified that in 1977, to find out how deep sunlight penetrates water, they rode a diving device to a depth of 1,200 meters in Lake Baikal. At this point, they turned off the condenser lights. However, they suddenly found themselves bathed in an unusual “light”. It was like being illuminated by two strong condenser lights from above and from the side. After only a minute, the light went out, and they were plunged into darkness.

A rescue worker on the water recollected that they were on a cruise on Lake Baikal that day, when a huge luminescent flying saucer flew out from the water below the lake, possibly 500-700 meters in diameter. so bright that it causes temporary blindness. After shining under the water for three minutes, it ascended into the sky in just one second. At the time, the scene was spectacular, and many people saw it.

The president of the local photography union showed reporters a photo of a UFO he took in the summer of 2009. He and his son were watching the last rays of sunset from the balcony. Suddenly, two luminescent spots appeared in the picture, floating on the water. In the middle yellow, on the outside appear yellow-orange. He introduced, saying that these mysterious spacecraft also appeared and stayed in other areas of Lake Baikal.

A history doctor shows reporters his collection of ancient rock paintings. The character in the picture wears a tight suit, a round helmet on his head, very similar to the legendary “frogman” image of Lake Baikal. He has collected hundreds of such paintings, including a few people dressed as astronauts. The doctor said that he thought these were extraterrestrials who visited the Earth in ancient times. He named them “Children of Heaven”.

140,000 year old UFO

Speaking of ancient exoplanets, it is impossible not to mention the phenomenon of suspected underwater UFOs discovered by professional Swedish rescue team OceanX in June 2011. It is a giant seabed disk about 60 meters in diameter in the north of the Baltic Sea, clearly visible on it, with unnatural structures such as ramps and steps.

Looks a lot like the spaceship “Millennium Falcon” from the movie “Star Wars”. 

After consulting with several experts, OceanX believes it could be an alien spacecraft that landed 140,000 years ago. This conclusion led to ridicule from many sides, especially in the scientific world. Aliens from 14,000 years ago? Simply unbelievable. However, the team members did not give up, they turned the survey into a documentary and invited everyone to analyze it together. Everything else is easy to say, they say, but electronic devices in their hands, such as satellite phones, within a 200-meter radius lose signal, or suffer severe interference. In this regard, use an inexplicable natural phenomenon. Whether it was a UFO or not, what they expected was the truth. For this truth, they are willing to wait.

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