Whether aliens exist or not is still a mystery. However, thousands of people around the world have reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and aliens.

Many people said that they were also abducted by aliens, subjected to medical tests… (illustration). – Photo source: Internet

Many people say that they have been abducted by aliens, subjected to medical tests… Here is a woman who has been kidnapped for 136 years.

Since the US announced that it recognized the authenticity of 3 UFO videos that it shot, news of UFO encounters around the world over the years have also continuously poured in.

In fact, the Earth is just a drop of water in the vast ocean in the vast universe, and whether there are advanced intelligent beings beyond the galaxy is always a hot topic of human discussion.

The famous physicist Hawking once said before his death: “Never try to communicate with extraterrestrial life, or you will be in danger.” It all seems too confusing. Are extraterrestrial creatures common?

This question has puzzled mankind for thousands of years, and throughout the ages, there have been too many historical records of the whereabouts of alien beings that came to Earth.

Kidnapped Woman Suddenly Appears After 136 Years Still Looks 35
Years Old In 2010, American newspapers reported that a 35-year-old woman appeared out of nowhere on a highway in Idaho, claiming to be Ann Katarina, who had disappeared 136 years ago. Ann Catalina was born in a small town in the United States in 1839, but unfortunately disappeared suddenly in 1874.

According to her autobiography, she was abducted by aliens to a strange planet and stayed there for more than 130 years. At the same time, there is another phenomenon that makes people difficult to understand, which is that her clothes are still the same clothes she wore when she disappeared in 1874. After 136 years, her face remains the same at the age of 35. , and her clothes have not become old, still in good condition.

After all, what did she go through?
Ann Katarina says that she has had to undergo many medical checks and arrests since she was sent to the alien planet. She went through various experiments, and time seemed to stand still.

Scientists found a metal object on Ann Katarina’s forehead. The researchers wanted to remove the metal for study but were unsuccessful and were only able to observe it through X-rays.

It turned out that the metal foreign body could not be removed at all, because it had penetrated the skull and grew with it, it was “welded” by the aliens with brain cells in the spine by a special technique. separate.

She undergoes many different experiments, and time seems to stand still (artwork). – Source:

As a result, some speculate that this metallic foreign object could be used by aliens to determine location. As for Ann Katarina’s experience, some people think that the purpose of the aliens is to mate with humans, to get better genes, which makes it hard to imagine that if all this were confirmed Granted, for humans that’s not good news.

Scientists are generally quite optimistic about the existence of aliens. It is possible that alien life does not need water and oxygen, and they can survive even in a thousand-degree environment.

For a long time, aliens abducting humans and seeing UFOs have never stopped, but no one has yet grasped convincing evidence of the existence of aliens.

However, with the great development of human technology, one day the mystery of alien life will be discovered, where they live will be found, and their mystery will be revealed. !

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