People on planes and ships saw firsthand unidentified objects (UFOs) in the air, and then crowds of people saw glowing objects flying towards the harbor and into the sea.

Many people saw UFOs floating in the water and reported to the RCMP in Barrington Strait. (Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock)

The government, private sector and the Atlantic Fleet’s diving unit sent people to search the seabed, but they could not find any traces. The giant UFO disappeared like that in the vast sea.

UFO Incident in Shag Harbor
On October 4, 1967, a large unidentified object appeared in the waters near Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia, Canada. Robert Ralph, the co-pilot of Air Canada Flight 305 at the time, told Captain Pierre Charbonneau that there was something strange on the plane. Then at 7:15 p.m., a bright rectangular object appeared several miles away, along with a string of what looked like light, following them in parallel paths. Minutes later, the pilot saw a large explosion near a giant UFO, which exploded again 2 minutes later, forming a blue cloud around the object.

The captain of one of the ships at the time, Leo Howard Mersey, was in the control room observing four stationary points of light on the radar. Captain Leo noticed that from the window looking up 28km, four bright objects could be seen arranged in a rectangular shape. There were nearly 20 crew members on deck at the time, all of whom saw objects in the northeast sky. Captain Leo contacted the rescue coordination center and the head of the harbor for an explanation.

In addition to people on planes and ships, many residents also saw giant UFOs flying through the air. At the time, a media outlet received calls from people claiming to have seen a glowing strange object flying around Halifax (capital of Nova Scotia) around 10pm.

Around 11:20 p.m., with an incessant bullet-like explosion and finally a loud noise, it appeared that an unidentified giant object had fallen into the waters of Shag Harbor. At that time, at least 11 people saw the glowing object flying toward the harbor at low altitude, and some people saw the glowing object as they passed Highway 3, after which they moved. reached a position with good visibility saw the unidentified object floating in the water and reported to the RCMP in Barrington Strait.

Large UFO Disappears Under The Sea
Initially believed to be a plane crash, 2 RCMP officers arrived on the scene within 15 minutes and contacted the rescue coordination center to report the incident, asking if there was a camera. Which plane is missing or not. At this point, the glowing UFO began to sink and then disappeared from public view.

Within half an hour of the accident, Canadian Coast Guard search and rescue speedboats and local fishermen’s trawlers searched for survivors at the scene, but found no clues. .

Two days later, a team of divers from the Atlantic Fleet’s diving unit conducted an undersea search for three days but ultimately found nothing. This adds to the mystery of the accident.

Many investigations turned up nothing. The
object that fell at Shag Harbor is considered a UFO by the Canadian government because its identity is unknown. Various government agencies have been investigating the incident and conducting underwater searches, hoping to find any debris, and the US military is also believed to be involved in the recovery operation, but so far. General is still unknown.

“We receive hundreds of reports each week, but the ‘Shag Harbor incident’ is one of the few that has specific information available,” said Air Force Bain Squadron Commander in Chief in Ottawa, Canada. Thereby, it can be seen that the “UFO incident in Shag Harbor” has a huge scale and a large number of witnesses. Although there are many witnesses and organizations involved, it is safe to say that this happened. But since the mysterious UFO disappeared in the middle of the ocean without leaving a trace, it could only become a UFO sighting with a “documentary record”.

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