From questionable theories about the Big Bang to explosive speculations about aliens, the real theories will make you have a whole new perspective on space and the universe.

Theory #1: Our mind is what restricts humanity from communicating with extraterrestrials

Arguably the most worrisome theory to explain our lack of contact with extraterrestrials was put forward not by an astronomer but by psychologist Jack Baird. Working with NASA on SETI in 1982, he pointed out that humanity’s inability to detect or communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations was due to a fundamental limitation of the human mind.

Theory #2: We’re Really Lonely

Aliens do not exist. No intelligent life exists outside the universe. Not even microbial life. The vast universe is a truly barren place for life. So it begs the question where do we come from? Why are we here? What if only humanity is the intelligent life of the universe? Is humanity the best that the universe can create?

Theory #3: Extraterrestrials have lived among us

Imagine that there might be an alien ship lurking in the deepest recesses of the current Mariana Trench. That is a crazy thought. However, this would certainly be a reasonable place to hide if they could get there, we would not be able to contact or meet these extraterrestrials because with the current level of development of science and technology. , we still can’t go down there.

And even if we could build a submarine down to the deepest recesses of the Mariana Trench, humanity would only be able to see them at a certain distance for a short time.

Theory #4: Another big bang is about to happen 

One of the popular theories is that at some point in the future, all matter in the universe, stars and galaxies, subatomic particles, space and time, will be ripped apart by the speed of light. the constant expansion of the universe.

Theory #5: Man is the rarest treasure in the universe

As far as we know, the rarest thing in the universe is life itself. At least life is complicated. The circumstances for complex life as we know it to form are extremely rare – even rarer than the existence of any particular element. The conditions for the formation of life require not only “raw materials”, but also extremely special conditions and billions of years of stable formation that are almost perfect for life to develop on its own.. .

The study of life has been conducted for a long time in history, especially human life, scientists have made data about human life as well as our culture and knowledge. in the repository. The aliens may not be hiding from us, but they may be trying to minimize interference and disregard unnecessary contact. Maybe the reason they’re sheltering beneath the planet’s oceans is because life there is slowly dying out.

Theory #6: There could be a great void of darkness

Eventually, all the stars in the universe will die, then the protons will start to decay (theoretically) leaving us in a dark black hole, with only the black holes filling the empty void, but eventually even black holes will die, and then the universe will become cold, empty and dark.

Theory #7: “They don’t want us to leave”

Maybe the aliens want to make sure we don’t leave Earth out of fear of our “violent” nature and nuclear weapons. Maybe they will let us choose, give up our nuclear weapons and they will help humanity reach the next stage of civilization development or destroy our own nuclear weapons and keep us. prisoners of this world. Aliens can be interdimensional beings that inhabit planets and our world belongs to them. It is not clear why they created humans, and allowed them to evolve to where they are today. However, they may not have expected that humans would become a species that waged war against each other and destroyed this common home.

Theory #8: We’re stuck in a repeating cycle 

Two popular theories about the end of the universe are the “big crisis” and the “big freeze” (“big crunch” and “big freeze”).” Both involve expansion and expansion. possible contraction of spacetime.If it continued to expand forever, the particles would be so far apart that no complex molecules could exist, leaving a distance between single particles in five Stars and galaxies don’t last forever, and eventually nothing new will be created.The universe will die forever.The “big crunch” theorizes that eventually the universe will die. the expansion would reverse and the universe would contract into a singularity, like just before a big bang, and then another big bang could happen.This cycle could go on forever.

Theory #9: We are an alien project

Aliens come from a dead planet. They are trying to redesign and restore their species from the life forms found on earth a few million years ago, and humanity is part of that reconstruction project, but we are still only a small part of a large and long-term project of them.

Theory #10: Some aliens exist just to gather information

This theory holds that the Greys (aliens) are an intelligent race created for scientific discovery and powered by another transcendent race with technology. The Grays are a race of the space alien federation. This race of Grays is tasked with researching other primitive worlds and civilizations by kidnapping their inhabitants. They’re looking for something, maybe a specific genetic code that hasn’t awakened inside the human body.

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