A prominent ufologist posted on his Twitter account a sensational video showing a ‘giant’ UFO flying near the Moon. The footage is said to have been shot with a superzoom camera.

A famous Mexican UFO researcher shared on his Twitter account the video, which is said to be one of the clearest UFO videos.

Jaime Mausssan is a Mexican journalist, restaurateur and UFO researcher. He posted a video showing a disk-shaped object moving in front of the Moon.

On Twitter, Jaime Maussan wrote, “This is an extraordinary piece of evidence, filmed in China with a professional camera with powerful zoom capabilities. In the video, we clearly see a ship flying in front of the Moon. This takes place on September 29, 2022.”

A giant UFO?
Measuring the size of an object is extremely difficult. However, Mexican researchers wrote that “the ship was huge, shaped like a flying saucer”. Maussan added that its diameter could be about 54 km.

According to the Mexican researcher, who has shared some of the UFO footage before, this is extraordinary evidence of extraterrestrial life. Maussan further explained that the video is believed to have been shot by someone who happened to be observing the Moon; and that person has absolutely no intention of looking for UFOs.

Maussan’s video has been viewed more than 300,000 times on Twitter.

UFO spoofs are preventing serious research by scientists
This scene is sure to cause a lot of surprises and delights. However, many people took to Twitter to express their views on the footage that Maussan claims to be real alien life.

Many Twitter followers said it was an alien plane. Others expressed concern that the footage may have been edited.

Unfortunately, so far, hoax videos that claim to have captured UFOs are very popular. Videos of fake UFOs often go viral. Most fake UFO video creators do this for money.

But such videos harm the UFO community a lot. This is especially true today when the topic of UFOs is finally being taken seriously by scientists from NASA and the US Government. Hoaxes can derail serious UFO studies, which is unfortunate.

Extraordinary evidence requires a proof that is also extraordinary. There is no data other than the video to be able to determine the truthfulness of the event. Anyway, we still hope that NASA and US government UFO researchers will analyze this footage and come up with answers.

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