FBI executes warrant at home of man investigating Area 51

A series of tweets by   George Knapp of Las Vegas-based KLAS-TV   revealed that FBI agents raided the home of the owner of a popular UFO website dedicated to all things Area 51.

Knapp tweeted Thursday night that Joerg Arnu, owner of the   Dreamland Resort: Area 51 website  ,   was raided by the FBI on a search warrant at his home in Rachel, Nevada.

“FBI agents came down hard on the operator of a popular website dedicated to all things Area 51 – its programs, lore and legacy. More than a dozen agents served an arrest warrant against the home of Joerg Arnu in Rachel, NV, owner of http:  //dreamlandresort.com…  ”

Knapp said in a second tweet that all “computers, files, phones, photos” were “seized” as another team of FBI agents raided his other Las Vegas home. The agents “seized all digital devices and files, held his girlfriend at gunpoint.”

“The warrants were fulfilled a week ago. Arnu noted on his website that he does not know the reason for the raid or whether specific images of the secret base posted online could have triggered such vigorous action by the federal police,” continued Knapp.

On the Dreamland Resort: Area 51 website, the first sentence reads:

Monitoring Area 51 since 1999: Take a look at Area 51, also known as Dreamland, the world’s most famous secret air base

It remains a mystery why a “ban order” was served on the Knapp residences with the FBI agents’ guns drawn.

It should be noted that the attack comes several weeks before the US Air Force unveils its new, advanced B-21 Raider stealth bomber on December 2nd.

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