Renowned University Professor Assures That Dragons Existed And Cohabited With Humans

Dragons are among the most popular and enduring mythological creatures in the world. The stories of dragons are popular from America to Europe, and from India to China. The mythical creature claims a rich history and continues to populate our books, movies, and television shows. Though, it’s unclear when or where the dragon stories first emerged from, the enormous flying serpents were described at least as far back as the ancient Greeks and Sumerians. For much of history, dragons were thought to be like any other mythical animal: both helpful and dangerous.


Dragons continue to capture people’s imaginations in fantasy books and movies, including How to Train Your Dragon, Game of Thrones, and The Hobbit. Dungeons & Dragons describes more than a dozen varieties of dragons, each with unique personalities, powers, and other characteristics. But the belief in dragons is based not only on the legend but also on hard evidence. Many archaeologists have unearthed giant bones that have nothing to do with dinosaurs, and even witnesses have etched strange dragon-like flying beings in our skies. But now, a university professor assures us that not only did the dragons exist, but the evidence of their existence is also present in the Bible itself.

The Empire Of Fire: Mention Of Dragons In Ancient Texts

Dragons even appear in the Holy Bible, with more than 20 mentions of the terrifying beast in the Old Testament aloneTom Meyer, professor of biblical studies at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School Library, a private college and graduate school in Redding, California, says this is not a mere coincidence, but rather one of many pieces of evidence showing that the dragons once roamed the earth.

Dragons coexist wit humans

The Bible expert told the British newspaper Daily Express that the word dragon is a general term that describes creatures of all shapes and sizes, just as the word dinosaur describes a multitude of species. Professor Meyer, who has memorized about 20 books of the Bible and is known as “The Bible Memory Man,” is sure that there is historical evidence to support his theory.

“A re-examination of the chronicles of ancient Roman historians and the Bible may show that dragons were actually contemporaries of humanity.”

Professor Meyer

“In ancient times, various types of creatures were organized under the category of ‘dragon’, in a similar way to how today we classify different types of animals as ‘dinosaurs’. The most famous of the dragon tales is that of the dragon slayer, Saint George, whose story took place in the late 3rd century AD. Although the story of Saint George and the Dragon has had some fictitious additions over the centuries, its base story is possibly true. “

Professor Meyer

As the story goes, a besieged community offered cattle sacrifices to a dragon to gain access to its only source of water. But when the cattle ran out, people resorted to slaughtering their children. On the day that Saint George appeared, the princess of a royal family was to be sacrificed. Instead, Saint George slew the dragon and, in gratitude for the heroic act, the king ordered the city to convert to Christianity.

“But long before the time of St. George, many sources made reference to the existence of different types of dragons.”

Professor Meyer

An example is that of the Roman statesman Marcus Tulio Cicero (106-43 BC), one of the most important political figures of the last Roman Republic. In one of his stories entitled “De Natura Deorum (On the Nature of the Gods)” , Cicero wrote about flying serpents that are brought from the Libyan desert to Egypt by the south winds. Hundreds of years later, the Roman historian Amiano Marcellinus (330 to 400 AD) also mentions “winged armies of serpents” that appear in the lands of Arabia.

“And the Roman historian Dio Cassius (155-225 AD) mentions that ‘one day, when Regulus, a Roman consul, was fighting Carthage, a dragon suddenly approached and took up residence behind the wall of the Roman army. The Romans killed him by order of Regulus, criticized him, and sent the hide to the Roman Senate.”

Professor Meyer

“It was not just Roman historians who wrote about encounters with dragons; ‘dragons’ are also mentioned frequently in the Bible, at 35 different times from Genesis to Revelation. “

Professor Meyer

For example, in the Book of Job, a primeval monster known as the Leviathan appears. Professor Meyer compared the beast to a fire-breathing Kraken that has been described as a dragon that dwells in the abyss of creation.

“Although we do not know everything there is to know about the different types of ‘dragons’ mentioned by ancient Roman historians and in the Bible, we can categorically affirm that dragons and man coexisted.”

Professor Meyer

Dragons coexist wit humans

But Professor Meyer’s statements have caused quite a stir in the historical community. Some historians do not agree with such an interpretation of the biblical texts. According to some interpretations of the dragon myth, ancient civilizations mistook the bones of dinosaurs for the remains of dragons. They are based on the fact that the Chinese historian Chang Qu made the mistake in the fourth century BC, when such a fossil was unearthed in present-day Sichuan province. Another theory suggests that the discovery of large animals like whales led our ancestors to conjure up images of large monsters.

And in his book “An Instinct for Dragons,”  anthropologist David E. Jones argued that dragons are a visual reflection of humanity’s innate fears and concerns. Researchers should not dismiss so many stories about dragons, considering them simply myths and legends. With everything that is happening in the world, let’s hope it does not happen like in the movie “Reign of Fire (The Empire of Fire)”, in which, in the distant future, the Earth was dominated by dragons, hungry animals, that throw fire to the minimum and fly with their membranous wings like harpies, attacking the few who have managed to survive their unexpected awakening. Do you agree with Professor Meyer’s theory? Did dragons coexist with humans?

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