Valiant Thor versus Grays and Technology

Valiant Thor and the Entourage of Venus (1957) on the one hand, and the Grays and the occult association with these intelligences (supposedly 1947 and the Roswell episode).

It is thought that the Americans received gray technology in exchange for interests in the abduction and hidden manipulation of the people by these beings, and indiscriminate technology, no matter what the moral level of anyone, because  in the race for power, the USA was interested in only one thing: supremacy – something that has not changed until today, as we can see.

Afterwards, it was Valiant Thor’s turn to go down to the Pentagon and propose help to the world, as long as Americans and governments, in general, change their values, become more aware of the planet, the unbridled pace of destruction in the name of power and capital, anyway. Valiant Thor even illustrated the person of Jesus Christ, placing him in his due place of honor for this poor planet

But when he said these things, that sacrifices would have to be made in the economy and power status in the name of the conscience and “salvation” of humanity, he was utterly rebuffed.

And of course, Thor couldn’t deliver any beneficial technology to the Americans, because they would just repeat the paths already taken with gray origin technology, and free will was respected.

As much as we say that, and as much as the news illustrates the accelerated pace of destruction of the planet, largely motivated by modern and technological civilization itself, as much as we know that cars pollute and industries hurt the atmosphere, no one can live longer without your car, even though the streets are increasingly clogged, and no one can live without their tablets, cell phones, media, in short, even though the light of conscience is increasingly obscure and the voice of conscience, increasingly more muffled.

A false idea is preached that technology will be our salvation, but it will not be able to reproduce the values ​​so essential for life contained in Nature, which the same unbridled economic interests are destroying every day.

This can’t end well…

We are hostages of technology, not masters!

Only conscious and balanced beings can become masters of their technology. Beings who are in control of themselves and who are not controlled by anyone can enjoy technology without the risk of slavery and manipulation.

But the gray plan was exactly this, to give up these technologies to expand mass control, and the chip in the head is the absolute proof of this truth, according to John and the Apocalypse (the mark of the Beast).

After all, it is for no other purpose that implants are placed in people in these traumatizing abductions; to monitor them from a distance, like cattle.

Valiant Thor offered technology and great planetary evolution in exchange for changing paradigms, values ​​of consciousness, from materialism to spirituality, and from capitalism to fraternity.

It was rejected.

A thousand times come down here beings with the same proposal, a thousand times they will be rejected.

And I always remember that sentence of Christ:

“They have eyes to see, but they do not see. They have eyes to hear, but they cannot hear!”

Newspapers can spread this alarming news thousands of times, because you can be sure, the vast majority will continue pretending that they saw nothing and heard nothing, believing in a better future on this basis, the usual lie preached: technology is the salvation of everything!

Which is the most unfortunate of utopias.

As abuse began to destroy the potentials of the human mind and undermine relationships, human labor was increasingly replaced by robots, artificial intelligence, machines, etc.

The Eden scene was repeated. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil bore its two fruits. The tempting serpent has already made his offer.

And humanity chose.

And chose badly.

And the results demonstrate the nature of choice.

They are there, everywhere. Just open the window and take a good look.

But behold, aliens find a planet totally divided into blocks, into nations, they had to start somewhere.

And if they chose the USA, for two reasons, first, because they were already (since 1947) in contact with the grays (Roswell?) which already represented a danger for the Earth, for all nations, occult alliances, New Order, and everything they (the Venusians) already knew would come to the fore (today). That was the strongest reason.

Second, the US had its growing influence on the world, it had to start with some nation to act as a spokesperson, and at that point, it really could have started with any other nation.

But as the US already had a very strong influence on the world, they tried to “believe” in its willingness to establish a new dialogue for the entire planet, overcoming all these harmful partisanships for humanity. They wanted to believe in America’s willingness to become the mouthpiece for change.

They say that the doctor starts treating the body at the sickest point, and if the gray theory is valid (since 1947), then the USA was the gateway to one of the greatest evils in this world. It makes sense that the Venusians would try to reverse this situation there.

Imagine someone who has fallen into a hole, and is trapped inside. Help arrives from outside, and a strong arm is extended towards us.

But if we keep our arms crossed, the arm extended from above can do nothing.

Humanity crosses its arms, or clenches its hands out of arrogance, as it was there with Valiant Thor, and follows the following motto:

We’d rather stay the way we are than change everything and sacrifice everything for the greater good.

Then the upper arm withdraws, and a voice is heard:

Well, stay!

We have to help each other, otherwise humanity is just following the course of a trend affecting a majority.

Let the minority then look for that hand, because it’s not going to be held out forever, waiting for our decision.

Unfortunately, man himself (the majorities) seal the words of prophecy.

Man writes his destiny through his choices.
I think this is clear to all of us.

Below, the crop circle probably sent by the same Valiant Thor and team of Venusians who watch over Earth, warning us against false gifts, derived from broken (unfulfilled) promises, alliances with the grays that THEY WILL NOT FULFILL in the future.

The alert has been given.

Crabwood crop circle, 15.08.2002 UK

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