Two cyclists claim that they saw a mysterious object, similar to a UFO, flying over the Gado Bravo mountain range, in the city of Senhor do Bonfim, in the interior of Bahia. The place is frequented by residents and tourists in search of adventure.

“We went out to mark the route of the trail that we are going to do now. When I lifted the bag of lime, which I looked back, I heard the noise, like a sewing machine.

There the ship was already levitating, about ten feet from the treetops. I said: ‘Igor, photograph, over there, over there’”, describes resident Raimundo Natação.

“They hid behind a tree, and we took the first picture,” he adds. Colleague Igor Geovani describes the situation. “I was scared when I saw that silver object, a very beautiful silver one”, he says.

Watch the video of the full report below.

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