Videos of lights in the RS sky are sent to NASA

Pilots flying over Porto Alegre reported seeing lights in the RS sky, “unidentified” lights in the sky for the sixth consecutive night (9). Sightings have been taking place since last Friday, November 4th. There is no consensus among experts on what is causing the phenomenon.

Reports and frequent videos from pilots were analyzed by the Cosmos Observatory in Itaara, in the center of the state. The director says reports of unidentified lights are also appearing in Uruguay and Argentina. This material was sent to NASA researchers evaluating an unidentified phenomenon, as reported by G1 .

“This report and video show that we are currently experiencing an unidentified aerial phenomenon.” Director Hernan Mostaho speaks to the reality of this planet.

After two more seconds, the controller asks the pilot to notify the Air Force in Curitiba:
“If you are able to record and send the images to the COPM (Military Operations Center)”, says one of them. “If you get the images, will you inform the COPM of Curitiba?”, asks another.

“A euphoric wave of an unidentified atmospheric phenomenon of unknown origin. It could be another technology on this planet. It can also come from outside the Earth. I don’t know. That’s it for you. An important reason: as an institution, as an opinion, we need to have more capacity and scope and obtain technical reports in order to respond.

Videos of lights in the sky sent to NASA

The Brazilian Air Force reported on Wednesday that “in recent days, airspace management has been operating within normal limits, with no record of air events in Rio Grande do Sul”. He also said that no unknown objects were identified by air defense radar. However, Wright continues to fascinate practitioners and researchers alike.

Marcelo Zurita, from the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network, says images taken by amateur photographers in Torres can help locate the light.

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