Are there really aliens in the universe? List 3 astronauts’ personal experiences, real sightings

Are there really aliens in the universe?

Are the bizarre events encountered by astronauts in space a normal natural phenomenon, or are there really aliens at work?

Today we list three real sightings that happened to astronauts.

Let’s analyze together what secrets are hidden behind these events?

First, the weird sound.

Let’s make up such a picture in our minds. When you are alone in a space capsule, you are in the boundless space, and suddenly you hear a strange knock on the door.

So how do you feel at this moment?

This is something Yang Liwei has personally experienced. He is the first Chinese person to go into space.

In the subsequent interview process, Mr. Yang Liwei also made it clear that the sound was very scary, very scary, like the sound of a wooden hammer hitting a wooden barrel.

But when he looked out, he didn’t find any strange phenomenon outside.

Of course, some experts have also given an explanation for this later, and they think it is likely to be a shrinkage reaction caused by a temperature difference.

But it seems that this explanation still does not satisfy everyone.

In fact, as early as 1969, astronauts also heard eerie sounds during a flight around the moon.

When the astronauts reached the far side of the moon and the communication with the surface of the earth was interrupted, they also heard an unexplainable strange sound.

Second, being watched by aliens.

Friends who like to pay attention to the aerospace field, you must have heard such a sentence.

One small step for man is one giant leap for mankind.

That’s what astronaut Armstrong, the first astronaut to walk on the moon, once said.

Why mention Armstrong?

Because he is one of the most representative figures who have encountered bizarre events on the moon.

Not only did he see UFOs on the moon, but he even saw a UFO docking site on the surface of the moon, which made us all feel incredible.

Let’s make up such a picture, in space, on the dark and empty lunar surface.

Suddenly seeing the existence of alien spaceships, everyone thought about what Armstrong would have felt at that time.

If it is normal state of mind, then it must be very panic.

This happened during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

According to Armstrong, after he landed on the moon, NASA lost contact with him for two minutes, during which the communication signal was completely cut off.

And within the two minutes that the communication signal was interrupted, Armstrong had secretly sent a message to the Earth command center.

However, this secret message was intercepted by radio amateurs and released to the outside world.

Armstrong himself said: It’s too big, sir, there are other spaceships here, you may not believe it at all, there is even a UFO docking site on the edge of the crater, and there are many UFOs lined up, they are staring at us Look.

When we heard this, it was like a sci-fi movie.

Of course, similar incidents have happened to Armstrong many times, but he always seems to remain silent to the outside world.

He did not admit or deny whether the rumors were rumours or real events.

This has to make us question, what is the purpose for them to spread such rumors to the outside world.

Whether they don’t refute the rumors is because there is no factual basis, or because they are too fanciful.

Are they worried that if this incident is a real experience, it will cause panic in society?

Third, the space snake.

The space snake incident happened to an astronaut doctor named Musgrave.

It was a very weird experience.

According to Musgrave, he saw a white snake about eight feet long.

In his ordinary course of dealing with people, Musgrave was recognized as an honest man.

Therefore, no one could imagine that he actually fabricated such a lie to deceive everyone. Therefore, many people believed his experience.

Of course, some people say that the white snake that Musgrave saw was a pipe removed from the spacecraft?

When the news broke, Musgrave didn’t hesitate to refute the rumor.

He decisively denied such rumors.

There has also been speculation that what he saw was an anomalous part of the mass of space junk.

Of course, this speculation was eventually rejected by him, because he introduced himself that he had encountered two white snake incidents.

This has to make us question.

If he saw it wrong the first time, did he also see it wrong the second time?

And he said it himself. How can this strange UFO also have its own propulsion unit?

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