Alien “portal”? Mysterious beam of light appeared in the Russian night sky, soaring into the sky, what is it?

Sometimes there are some sights in the sky. Meteor showers and flaming fireballs fall from the sky from time to time. In addition, there are some so-called UFOs, or some mysterious light beams and other phenomena. Under normal circumstances, we may not think too much about meteor showers and flaming fireballs. After all, there is a large amount of space junk in outer space. When these space junk re-enters the earth’s atmosphere, it will burn violently and turn into meteor showers and fireballs.

And some mysterious flying objects and beams of light appear in the sky, which may make us think about what these UFOs and beams of light are, and whether it is alien civilization coming or alien civilization sending us a signal .

Strange beams of light appear in the night sky

Such a scene appeared in Belgorod, Russia. A strange light beam appeared in the dark night sky, which immediately aroused heated discussions and speculations among many people. From the shared picture, we can see that this strange orange light beam is very straight, as if it is illuminated from the ground to the sky or illuminated from the sky, straight into the sky, and it is particularly eye-catching in the dark night sky.

Although we have seen many UFOs and other phenomena before, this mysterious light beam that appeared in the Russian city of Belgorod this time is too strange. Some netizens believe that Russia may be conducting weapons tests against satellites, such as lasers in Germany. Of course, some netizens joked that it may be the “portal” of aliens, and that aliens may come to the earth through this “portal”.

Such beams have appeared in many regions. A mysterious beam of light also appeared in the night sky in Texas. There are some similarities with the beams of light in Russia. For example, these beams are very straight, as if they are going straight into the sky. Of course, there are also some differences. For example, the beams of light in Russia are orange, while the beams of light in the United States are close to red.

This mysterious beam of light known as the “Red Flare” has been seen in many places such as Pearland, League City, Deer Park, and Missouri City, Texas. Houston TV station KHOU11 also broadcasted when this mysterious beam of light appeared. ‘s video. A few days before the mysterious beam of light appeared in Texas, a similar mysterious beam of light appeared in Egypt and other countries and regions.

What is the mysterious beam of light?

Every time I see a UFO or a mysterious beam of light in the sky, it will attract the attention of many enthusiasts, because some phenomena seem too strange, which makes people think of whether it has something to do with alien civilization, that is to say, Could these mysterious UFOs be alien spaceships? Could the mysterious beam of light be an alien portal, or an alien signal?

For these light beams, some researchers believe that it may be just some natural phenomenon. Travis Herzog, chief meteorologist for ABC13 TV in the United States, said that before the mysterious light beam appeared over Texas, the local weather was not very good. The bad weather made the air in the upper sky very cold. Under such conditions, ice crystals form in the air, and when light hits these ice crystals and passes through them, we see such mysterious beams of light. From this point of view, it can actually explain the mysterious light beams that appeared in Russia and Texas, the United States. These mysterious beams of light have a high probability of being a natural phenomenon.

Do UFOs really exist?

Every time we talk about UFOs, everyone will pay attention. Do these UFOs really exist? When many people see a flying object appearing in the sky, they may not confirm what it is. If they do not know whether it is an airplane, a bird or other things, they may mistake it for a UFO. So some UFOs that we usually see may just be the misidentification of some phenomena by witnesses.

For example, some planes, drones, satellites, and rockets may be regarded as UFOs, and some special lightning and clouds may be regarded as UFOs, and it may be an illusion or a prank of witnesses. In addition, there are actually some UFOs that cannot be explained, and the flying ability may subvert our cognition, reminiscent of whether it is an alien spaceship.

Some UFO experts believe that unexplained UFOs generally have these characteristics: for example, they can accelerate to extremely fast speeds in an instant, or stop and hover instantly when flying at high speeds, and they also have the ability to fly at hypersonic speeds. .

In addition to this, the mysterious UFO may have stealth capabilities, can operate in different environments, and even fly without a recommendation system or wings. Experts believe that if UFOs have these characteristics, they may indeed come from aliens, because this has overturned our understanding of aerodynamics.

For example, pilots in the United States have encountered many strange UFOs while flying their planes. David Fraver, a retired U.S. Navy pilot who encountered a UFO in 2004, recalled that when he approached the UFO, it suddenly accelerated toward the south and disappeared within 2 seconds. Very suddenly, like a billiard ball bouncing off the wall.

Under normal circumstances, human aircraft cannot perform such difficult flight actions. Are these UFOs really alien spaceships?

Although there are some unexplainable UFOs, and the flying ability of these UFOs subverts our cognition, many people think that they are alien spaceships, but for now, scientists have not yet discovered alien life. , The clues of alien civilization, so I don’t know whether there are aliens, whether there are aliens that can reach the earth.

However, from the perspective of the universe, there are hundreds of millions of exoplanets in the depths of the universe, and it is entirely possible that there are a large number of life planets like Earth. If the origin of life on the potential life planet is earlier than that of the earth, such as 100,000 years, 1 million years, 10 million years or even longer, it is entirely possible to develop advanced intelligent civilizations.

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