Supposedly An Alien “Captured” In A Photograph

Supposedly An Alien “Captured” In A Photograph

Above our heads are “things” we don’t know, and that raises a question: are they really among us? A witness claims to have ‘captured’ an alien in a photo

Recently, in North Carolina, USA, witness Ryan Bledsoe said that he and his family have been seeing alien beings he calls shadow entities around his property.

A tweet from the shadowy alleged “extraterrestrial entity” was retweeted by Tom Delonge, famed Blink-182 musician turned UFO investigator.

These entities exist, why do aliens come out of underground bases and walk among us? Or do they live like us in our cities?

At first, what you see in the image is a woman with her back to the camera, visualizing a strange person in front of her, but when she gets home and develops the photographs, one can see the figure of this person, and also a beam of light next to the woman.

If we enlarge the photograph we can distinguish an appearance of a person who could perfectly be there, but zooming in even more and concentrating.

We can clearly distinguish a person’s face, but something doesn’t fit that face that we mortals have. Big eyes… and not appreciating ears like humans do.

In the video of a person who went to the place of events, he currently indicates the exact place of the meeting with this being.

Ryan Bledsoe dedicates a few words to the youtuber ufologist, commenting on how the meeting took place in this area. According to Ryan, this area is very prone to encounters with these extraterrestrial beings.

Are we really facing an alien? Is this an orb of light next to the woman? Or is it just another mistake by these protagonists?

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