Expert on ET claims that the “Ancient Space Ark” that was buried in Ukraine has been unearthed and activated

It was just a matter of time until the Russian invasion of Ukraine gave rise to paranormal reports, and the…

It was just a matter of time until the Russian invasion of Ukraine gave rise to paranormal reports, and the first instance will be difficult to beat, whether it was real or not. A few blogs claimed that a “ancient space ark” buried nearby had been ignited and would shortly take flight around the time Russian soldiers occupied the Ukrainian city of Kherson. outdated space ark?

“Don’t be shocked if it starts activating, Oleshky Desert National Park; it’ll probably be one of the first ships to take off. Everyone can see. This is likely going to be one of the first ones to put up, and everyone will be able to see it now that the world’s [attention] is focused on Ukraine. The entire world is going to stop. Everyone will be startled as a result of this.

This statement was allegedly made to Dr. Michael Salla, the founder of the Exopolitics Institute and the website for news on “important individuals, political institutions, and processes related with alien life,” by a source only known as JP. Salla asserts that the space ark is buried beneath the Oleshky Sands National Nature Park in Ukraine, which is located 25 kilometers (13 miles) to the east of Kherson. The park is extremely interesting since it is a region that resembles a semi-arid desert.

covered with low-fertility soil and sand. Despite being accessible to visitors, the park is well guarded because it is next to a military training area. And perhaps as a result of the hidden space ark?

“My dependable source JP, who is presently serving in the US Army and has gone on secret missions to two other space arks, initially informed me about the Ukraine space ark. Two missions were to the Bermuda Triangle region of the Atlantic Ocean, while one went to the Moon. The US and China worked together to carry out all three expeditions, while Russia participated in the second Atlantic Ocean mission despite having discovered their own ark and denying the US access.

We must depend on Salla’s discoveries that they are some type of ancient space ships discovered buried, two by the U.S. and China, one by Ukraine, and one by Russia. Scans for more information on “space arks” turn up nothing. Experts have reportedly triggered and flown these space arks, with one landing on the moon, according to his source JP!

Salla asserts that he spoke with Thor Han Eredyon, a Galactic Federation pilot who communicates telepathically with Elena Danaan, a former French archaeologist and a close friend of Salla’s, to verify JP’s account. Huge space arks have also been found on the Moon and Mars, Danaan reported in January.

additionally in Antarctica. The current ark, according to Salla, is located in Oleshky Park at (46°35’19′′N 33°03’01′′E) and Thor Han has communicated the reasons for our worry.

“This is a part of the cleaning activities, not an invasion of Ukraine. The Deep State (DS) was attempting to activate the Ark, which they had discovered under the sand in the lower southern region of Ukraine many years before.

It was time for Putin to get his hands on the ark since it had started. In Russia’s far north, there is a second ark, but Putin already has authority over it. Positive extraterrestrials have shown Putin how to use this technology.

That’s correct, according to Salla, JP, Danaan, and Thor Han, Russia invaded Ukraine in order to seize this illustrious “space ark.” Salla asserts that Kherson was the first city to be occupied for this reason.

If you believe in exopolitics, Michael Salla’s story—like others he has related regarding extraterrestrials, UFOs, remote viewing, and alien telepathy—is likely credible, if not a little frightening. Is it substantiated? No reports of a “space ark” or enormous UFO have been made in the area of Kherson, or anywhere else in Ukraine for that matter, as of the time of this writing.

If you wish to join Salla in making connections, you need know that a lot of military analysts have found it puzzling that Russia hasn’t employed its air force in this fight. Could it be that Ukraine’s space ark is all they need?

Currently, this tale has the old Skeptic Meter’s needle firmly positioned in the “Are you serious?” quadrant, but we’re prepared to obliterate the meter with the arrival of just one image, radar scan, or eyewitness account showing a space ark above Ukraine. Let’s pray for peace in the meanwhile… by all means.

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