Wave of Sightings and UFO Landings in Venezuela (Video)

Venezuela is the protagonist of a series of strange events that make the country look like the setting of a science fiction novel. Numerous sightings, mysterious landings, and crop circles.

Nobody knows the reasons for all these phenomena, but the truth is that Venezuelans are absolutely terrified by it.

Many UFOs have been reported throughout several places of the country, including the capital, Caracas, and other cities such as Barquisimeto, Ciudad Guayana, or Trujillo.

Everything started on March 9th when the neighbors of Ciudad Bolivar reported strange happenings the La Lorena lake. Canes around the lake deformed, forming the symbol of the infinite. Some locals found the crater of a meteorite in the state of Bolivar. However, this doesn’t explain the strange distortions of the aforementioned canes.

At the same time, a group of young men traveling across the highway from Trujillo to Barquisimeto was assaulted by a powerful light that seemed to descend over the fields.

Eventually, the men pulled over and took some pictures of the event. On March 25th took place the last sighting that literally flooded social networks all around the world. During the biggest blackout of the history of Venezuela, a group of locals from the state of Lara could see a static incandescent light up in the sky that lasted a few minutes, only later to disappear westwards. Experts don’t know how to explain all these events. What do you think about all of this? Take a look at the following video and judge for yourself.


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