Forget About Searching For Water on Mars! A Strange Fossilized Dinosaur Has Been Discovered

NASA claims they have found evidence of water on Mars. However, this is overshadowed now by claims from alien hunters that they have discovered a preserved dinosaur in Mars rocks

Images taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover were published online by extraterrestrial hunters. UFO researchers suspect that the unusual rock formation in the photograph could be the fossilized bones from a prehistoric creature that once lived on Mars.

Images of a Fossilized Dinosaur were Captured by Mars Curiosity Rover

Paranormal Crucible uploaded the image to YouTube, claiming it was taken by Mars Curiosity Rover near Gale Crater. It appears to show remnants of prehistoric dinosaurs, according to the footage. The alien seekers claim that the skull is massive and has a distinctive tiny bone. It was claimed that the fossil was created using colorization and enhancing techniques. This allowed it to be determined that it was the remains a former Mars-living creature.

Fossilized remains can be prehistoric or only a few hundreds years old. It was reported that the fossilized remains of the creature are prehistoric. However, it is also possible that they could have been a remnant of a Martian Komodo dragon. This predator roams the Earth, but can survive in harsh environments. The video suggests that the creature was likely a hybrid species

NASA would have been thrilled to learn of such a finding. It appears it is not uncommon, and evidence has been offered that could be used to prove aliens, prehistoric remains, or stone-age artifacts.

NASA described the so-called fossils as rocks that have been eroded over time. They also claimed that extraterrestrial hunter are victims to an optical illusion. They said that the brain confuses the eye to see familiar shapes and objects on textured surfaces.


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