UFO Hunter Finds “Fossilized Skull” On Mars, Is It Evidence Of Ancient Alien UFOs?

I’ve included the YouTube channel video at the end of the article for those who want to check it out.

What I would really love is for someone (non-governmental) to check radiation levels on Mars, to try to see if there is evidence to support the theory that Mars may have had a society that experienced a nuclear war apocalypse.

Online UFO hunter and self-styled space journalist Joe White, 45, claims to have stumbled upon the remains of an ancient extraterrestrial inhabitant of Mars.

The bizarre claim emerged online after White spent hours combing through photographs captured by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover.

The peculiar images of a rock formation eerily resembling the shape of a skull were not shared online on YouTube.

In the video description, the UFO hunter speculates: “A giant bird, the skull of a giant and other mysterious structures and objects on Mars.

“Just take a look and see.

“Ignore official dogma and use your own eyes.”

According to White, the skull in question measures an impressive 60 centimeters, which would make its owner around 4.5 meters tall.

He then says in the video: “This looks like a giant skull with a jaw here and maybe an eye socket here and an eye socket here.

“That looks like teeth to me – can you see them? One two three four five six. Possibly seven.

“And that looks like a jaw. So could this be another mud fossil, artifact or specimen, shall I say, embedded in mud and dry?”

The video has been viewed over 8,000 since it was uploaded, viewers were thrilled with the discovery.

A YouTube commentary, posted by Lee Roberts, reads: “Exceptional discoveries. The large skull has indisputable details.

“And it’s straight for you. Thank you so much for this.”

Lauren Piantino wrote: “There is so much more out there on Mars to be discovered, and so much that NASA will not be able to obfuscate.

“Also, they can no longer hide behind black and white images.”

George Mair also commented: “Could this skull be a carving on a large wooden pole or tree on its side?

“There is so much in this photo. Amazing things.”

However, there is a much simpler explanation for the images seen in the video and Mr. White touched on this briefly in the video.

The appearance of the skull in the Martian rock boils down to the psychological phenomenon known as Pareidolia.

Pareidolia is a little brain trick that makes people see hopes and patterns where they don’t exist.

UFO hunters often falsely assume that oddly shaped rocks or shadows on the moon or Mars are evidence of ancient lost alien civilizations.

White says in the video: “Now this could also be a case of Pareidolia, or some holes in the rock.”

Cosmologist Carl Sagan addressed Pareidolia in 1995, arguing that it was a survival tool developed by prehistoric humans to recognize enemies of friends.

He also theorized: “As soon as the baby can see, it recognizes faces, and we now know that this ability is programmed into our brains.

“Those babies who a million years ago were unable to recognize a face smiled less, were less likely to win their parents’ hearts, and less likely to thrive.”

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