Pentagon Hides 23-Minute UFO Video & UFO Photo 50 Feet From Cockpit, Elizondo Claimed

The congressional document reveals that some UFOs are not man-made and pose a national security threat to the United States. Finally, the subject of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) is considered serious due to the lack of information about them and increasing military encounters. Meanwhile, UFO enthusiasts are waiting for the Pentagon to release a 23-minute video that will reportedly leave viewers “rattled.” Luis Elizondo claimed that it shows UFOs moving in a strange pattern.

It is more than 4 years since the New York Times article revealed the existence of the secret program (AATI) funded by the United States Army to investigate UFOs. Luis Elizondo ran the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATI) from 2007 to 2012. Since then, he has spoken about various incidents that happened to the US pilots and possibilities of alien existence.

Elizondo, who resigned from the Pentagon in 2017, has made several bold statements since then. His claims literally change the US government’s perspective on viewing UFOs. Moreover, he refused to talk more as he is afraid of being arrested.

In 2021, he stated to have seen the UFO footage, describing it as showing unidentified floating objects for 23 minutes. He made this revelation while talking to the YouTube channels Fade to Black and Witness Citizen UAP. During the talk, Elizondo revealed that the UFO video was extremely compelling.

According to Elizondo, the video is said to show multiple UFOs which are moving in ways and strange “patterns” that humans do not conventionally understand – with data recorded using US military systems.

Lue Elizondo was a former US Army intelligence officer who helped trace terrorists after 9/11.

He also mentioned this video in his interview with GQ. He stated: “It was the overwhelming weight of evidence and data. I was talking to pilots routinely. There’s videos out there [in government, that the public haven’t seen] – there’s one that’s 23 minutes long. There’s another one where this thing is 50 feet away from the cockpit. I mean, it ain’t ours. We know that. Sometimes you just couldn’t believe it – you’d have seven or eight incidents in a single day. I’d get these emails from an admiral or a ship’s captain saying, ‘Lue, what do you want me to do? I can’t keep people below deck forever. These things are swarming my ship, they’re all over the place.’ That’s tough. I kept promising the cavalry was coming and I’d have answers for them and the cavalry never came. Senior leadership didn’t want to deαl with it.”

While discussing the 23-minute UFO video, Elizondo mentioned that it is a very compelling footage. “I did not say what it was. I sent it out to some highly trained experts in the ISR (Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) community. And when they came back to me, the title of the email was quote unquote ‘that UFO video’.”

He added: “It is definitive and its perplexing, every time you think you are like ‘thats what I am looking at’ – bang, it changes.”

When quizzed by host Jimmy Church on the way the object moved, its speed and if it was “beyond our capabilities,” Elizondo said it was enough to make officials “raise our eyebrows and say woah.”

Here is the transcript of Luis Elizondo’s interview with Sean of Witness Citizen, where he talked about the 23-minute video and 50-foot photo:

Elizondo: You know, the problem is that this battle isn’t over. We won a major battle with the report coming out of the UAP report, it was historic like you said, in the very first sentence of the very first paragraph. It says this is a preliminary report which means there are other reports, you know, congratulations, you won, you got it, right? And then it said that there were 144 incidents and only one they were able to identify. By the way, that was only in the last year and a half, it was from November 2019 and forward. By the way, it only involved the navy, right, so yeah, so people say, well there was one from the Nimitz, okay.

Elizondo: This is… well, so, you’ve got a lot of stuff happening, right? So, you know, we’re just now starting this journey together.

Sean: Yeah, you know, it is kind of overwhelming for a lot of people but I’ll tell you, the message is getting out there in the right way and the way that I kind of… uh… evaluate, that is talking to my wife because she’s not very into this stuff, so not that, she’s not against it, we did see something together but she’s not like me, she doesn’t have a podcast. But the news comes on, they talk about the report, I come home later, ask her about it, what was your takeaway? And she says, well, I guess they only identified one out of what a hundred something, and I’m like, yes…

Elizondo: Right.

Sean: …That’s exactly right, honey.

Elizondo: Exactly, by the way, some of these things were really, really close, so you know, you tell me.

Sean: Wow, that’s crazy, yeah… Oh, when are we going to see that 50-foot away pic?

Elizondo: Oh, man, that’s not up to me, but yeah, there’s a couple there that will rattle you pretty good, um… Yeah, there’s one I won’t go into detail, but the video is about 23 minutes long, it’s pretty good, man, gotta get that popcorn and some 3D glasses and maybe some coca-cola or something…

In order to have a glimpse of what the Navy and Air Force might capture in their camera, see the video below by the U.S. Navy that has been recently released, showing the support ship Shahid Baziar, from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy, unlawfully towing the Saildrone Explorer. From this video, one may wonder how many high-quality UFO videos are in possession of the US Navy.

Elizondo clarifies that his job was never intended to study UFOs. It was to hunt terrorists and spies – and then use those same skills to hunt UFOs. “It’s the same thing,” he said. He further noted: “I didn’t care if it was supernatural technology, bottom line is there is something over controlled US airspace performing in ways we can’t – we’ve got to figure it out.”

He compared the growing push for disclosure on what the US knows about the mysterious craft to when mankind first came out of caves to look at the stars, or when man-made fire. He said the world may see a “paradigm shift” in our thinking – just like when the astronomer Galileo established the Earth was not the center of the Solar System.

“They tried to persecute him, to put him to the deαth – but at the end [the revelation] didn’t disrupt society and it benefited the species,” Elizondo said.

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