Mysterious UFO Activities in the Himalayas

There were many UFO sightings and encounters that happened in and over the Himalaya mountains in 1968 wherein mysterious and fast-moving lights were reported in several regions in India, including Nepal and Bhutan. Declassified CIA files contain short information on the events and can be viewed on the website of the agency.

On February 19, an apparent supersonic, elongated UFO was seen at 9’oclock in the evening as it traversed the sky over north-eastern Nepal. The object in question went into the Indian province of Sikkim while emitting rays of green and red light.

The CIA would investigate another sighting two days later. This time a bluish UFO was reported in Thimpu, the Bhutan capital. The object was reportedly moving without noise on an East to West course. But the report concludes the mysterious flying object could have been coming from the direction of Tibet.

On March 14, two UFOs emerged above the Chang La pass and moved over the Indian Air Force’s base in Fukche. One white light appeared from nowhere, and simultaneously two blasting sounds were heard. One reddish light was spotted, followed by white smoke. The report stated that the sighting exhibited particularities of bright UFOs spotted over South Ladakh, North East Nepal, Sikkim, and Bhutan as the aerial objects behaved in the same ways. There’s a possibility that these UFOs belonged to the same entity or group of entities.

According to popular UFO theory, a group of entities might be operating a secret facility in the area, particularly around Kongka La, a high mountain pass on the disputed border between India and China. A hidden UFO base might be housing advanced technology that could constitute a tempting acquirement. The disputes on that particular stretch of the Sino-Indian border appear to confirm the presence of such a valuable asset nearby.

The strangest incident revealed in the declassified CIA cases happened on March 25 in the Kaski district of Northwestern Nepal. The report mentions the circumstance that resulted in the recovery of a flying saucer. While poor in detail, the report provides one vital aspect, which reads that the same objects were found in Turepasale, and Talakote, which are two other regions of Nepal. It appears that this wasn’t an isolated case, and the CIA had acknowledged previous crashes.

So, what happened to the UFOs? Where are they now? Were they otherworldly or human-made? Was the recovery of the UFOs without consequences? These are questions of the curious mind, but in this intricate mystery, nothing is certain except that these questions have answers, but we won’t be getting them anytime soon.

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