Chinese army uses AI to track UFOs

The People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) has said it is keeping a close eye on UFOs. To do this, they use artificial intelligence. In China, there is not even such a term as an unidentified flying object. They used to say “unidentified air conditions.”

Reported by the South China Morning Post.

Chen Li, a spokesman for the Air Force, said that UFOs are very common. Because of them, in recent years, China’s air defense system has constantly reacted. Due to these incidents, there were many problems with air defense. Sometimes the security of China’s airspace has been a big question.

Therefore, AI was involved. Artificial intelligence does not think in a standard way, it quickly recognizes all phenomena in the sky. Thus, it helps the military a lot. An ordinary person would never be able to assess unidentified phenomena so quickly. At the same time, the AI ​​analyzes all possible incidents with UFOs in a split second.

The fast response of the AI ​​and the high accuracy of its solutions minimize the problems with air defense. In just a couple of seconds, the intellect already knows what is happening in the sky: an enemy plane is flying, being attacked with a rocket, a natural phenomenon, and so on.

At the same time, the PLA is very worried about the fact that the number of UFOs has increased significantly in recent years.

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