A former Area 51 engineer claims that the US is imprisoning extraterrestrials and taking their technology

According to www.ibtimes.co.in, alien and UFO conspiracy theorists think whistleblower accounts demonstrate that top-secret research on reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology is now being conducted at a number of subterranean alien-government complexes around the nation.

Conspiracy theorists assert that the whistleblower stories also demonstrate the government’s concealment of the truth regarding contact with extraterrestrial species and access to advanced alien technology.

The top-secret Area 51 military installation in the Nevada desert, among other subterranean alien-government research complexes, is where several whistleblowers claim to have worked as government scientists and technical contractors.

According to conspiracy theories, top-secret government installations like Area 51 and the Dulce subterranean complex are housing recovered extraterrestrial UFOs from crash locations.

Whistle-blower accounts are used by conspiracy theorists as evidence of ongoing activity at Area 51 to reverse-engineer extraterrestrial propulsion technology.

Analysis of extraterrestrial UFOs’ reverse-engineering

One of the informants, Bill Uhouse, a guy in his 70s, claimed to have worked as an engineer at the top-secret Area 51 facility from 1966 until 1979 in cooperation with a Grey extraterrestrial.

Uhouse, who passed away in 2009, claimed to have collaborated on projects at Area 51 as a mechanical engineer with a Grey extraterrestrial known as “J-Rod.”

He asserted to have collaborated with “J-Rod” on the development of a flight simulator for the training of Air Force pilots who would operate cutting-edge USAF stealth reconnaissance craft created from analysis of extraterrestrial UFOs’ reverse-engineering.

Uhouse said that he connected with “J-Rod” utilizing Grey extraterrestrial technology that had been modified for use with people. With the help of sophisticated translation software, the technology allowed human scientists and engineers who were collaborating with Grey aliens to speak telepathically.

Bill Uhouse claims that “J-Rod” demonstrated to people at the facility how to pilot and control an alien UFO.

The Greys are said to come in several distinct races. Tall, short, and human-sized grey extraterrestrial species are among the grey races. However, it’s unclear which of the three main Grey races “J-rod” stood for.

Uhouse asserted that research on alien technology reverse engineering involving both aliens and humans was going on at several enormous subterranean locations all around the nation. The Area 51 research facility and the Dulce subterranean research facility are two of the most well-known sites.

There is a widespread belief that the Dulce alien-government subterranean complex, which is situated beneath the Archuleta Mesa close to Dulce in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, is far bigger and more significant than Area 51.

Presidents Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower are thought to have started building the infrastructure for the extraterrestrial government. They were constructed to accommodate Tall White, Grey, and Reptilian extraterrestrial scientists.

The majority of alien abduction instances

The government agreed to let the aliens build subterranean research facilities where they could undertake bio-genetic research to create sophisticated alien-human hybrids as part of the accord with the Greys and Reptilians.

The U.S. government gave the aliens permission to kidnap a small number of people to serve as test subjects for their purported bio-genetic research program.

In exchange, the aliens promised to provide the American government access to their highly developed technologies, particularly their aeronautical technology.

The majority of alien abduction instances, according to UFO conspiracy theorists, involve Greys and Reptilians utilizing humans for evil, Nazi-style bio-genetic experimentation in an effort to create human-alien hybrids.

The foreigners are breaking the conditions of the treaties that were signed in the 1950s, but the U.S. authorities are aware of this and are unable to stop it.

Huge labs and technical workshops are included in the subterranean facilities. The facilities also house areas where aliens and kidnapped humans who are utilized as test subjects for scientific experiments are kept in captivity.

Uhouse claims that thousands or even hundreds of Grey aliens may be collaborating with the Pentagon on cutting-edge technology in an effort to uphold their end of the contract with the American government.

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