The Galactic Federation Of Worlds Is Helping Us To Develop A Starfleet For Defense

Dr. Michael E. Salla is a pioneer in the discipline of ‘Exopolitics,’ or the political study of extraterrestrial life’s major characters, organizations, and processes. His interest in exopolitics stemmed from his studies of the reasons for international conflict and its link to an extraterrestrial presence unknown to the general public, political leaders, and even senior military men.

In a recent essay, Dr. Michael Salla revealed that the Galactic Federation is supporting humanity in the building of a Starfleet for Planetary Defense, and he offers the following information:

According to Val Nek, a High Commander of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the departure of the Dark Fleet and its Draco Reptilian and Orion allies from our solar system is producing a dramatic power shift on Earth. In his most recent communication, relayed through one of his contactees, Megan Rose, we learn more about the status of unfolding events on Earth and in our solar system, particularly concerning the construction of massive motherships in Earth orbit that will serve as international outposts and the development of a Starfleet for planetary defense.

Megan’s letters sound a lot like Elena Danaan’s, another contactee who has met and knows Val Nek. One of the elements I use to evaluate the authenticity of the information from new sources like Megan is whether anything is happening in real life that independently supports what is being expressed. I was in the middle of a conversation with JP, one of my long-time sources (since 2008) who is now serving in the US Army and prefers to remain anonymous in this case.

His findings, which I’ll share with you momentarily, backed up Val Nek’s statements to an incredible degree. As a consequence, I feel confident in sending along with the following data, which is both reliable and worth examining in order to gain a wide picture of current events in our solar system.

On the morning of September 7th, Megan (M) received this communication from Val Nek (VN).

The planet Mars has been liberated, according to VN. The Ciakahrr empire, often known as the black navy, has abandoned Mars altogether. They’re now trying to flee to other solar systems, like as Sirius A, and form alliances to attack the federation and the planet Terra. This needs ongoing security and training of Terran military forces, as well as the creation of a space fleet capable of repelling an invasion. The majority of Mars’ black portals have been completely sealed, with the exception of a few that the Federation is working on. Their principal portal to their headquarters, Aldebaran, has been completely shut off. The Federation has achieved a significant victory since it is now harder for them to re-enter and re-infiltrate their treasured Mars outpost.

As you know, I’ve been working with US military officials to train and deploy a fleet to protect and defend Terra. I’d want to underline that we’ve put safeguards in place to protect Terra. Many of the new ships in the star fleet, as you refer to it, are constructed with higher density technology, making them impenetrable to the enemy. The opponent is unable to detect or find these ships due to the increasing frequency. The ships may materialize and dematerialize at a lower density as necessary. This technology was given to the Terrans, and it must be built/produced by Terrans in accordance with Federation standards.

This is where JPknowledge, my anonymous source, comes in useful. He was telling me on the morning of September 7 that he and a group of US Army colleagues were on their way to the Moon in a sophisticated shuttle vehicle built on Earth using Nordic extraterrestrial technology that had been provided to the US military.

JP obtained a photo of the spaceship from one of these Nordics working with the US military, as I stated in a previous piece. JP said he remembered everything about the Moon missions while his Army companions’ memories were being destroyed.

He described the shuttlecraft as resembling a Nordic spacecraft he had seen in Brazil in 2008, just before we began emailing. JP is now serving in the United States Army and has completed special forces training (which is required for clandestine space operations) as well as his Military Occupation Specialty (MOS 91J) as a quartermaster and chemical repairer.

According to JP, the Moon shuttlecraft were fully autonomous vehicles with a combination of human and extraterrestrial technology that could be controlled remotely from either the Moon or Earth, depending on where the craft was transiting. The concept was similar to that of an airport shuttle, however, the ship was carrying military personnel to and from the Moon for defense and construction purposes

Here are some highlights from my Skype conversation with JP:

It was kind of humorous when we left one day. Another group persisted, despite the fact that they were only able to converse in French… It’s almost as though this is a worldwide phenomenon. A separate group of people at a different moment. Stayed seems to be human… Identical to us… Taking turns protecting these regions is a good idea… It appears to be Scandinavian technology. It’s a mash-up of sorts. It’s just between us and them.

JP’s MOS 91J qualification supports his claim that he was sent to the Moon to install or repair ice-to-water conversion equipment. JP’s information directly supports Val Nek’s claim that the Galactic Federation is supporting the US and allied militaries in the creation of more advanced spacecraft for a variety of missions – a modern-day Starfleet. JP’s report corroborates Val Nek’s previous letter, in which he outlined the construction of a new Moonbase as well as the repair of abandoned locations.

VN: As a result, the Earth Alliance will need to forge partnerships with large corporations. Although there is always the chance of approaching danger in times of battle, planet Terra is safe, and we are doing everything we can to ensure the protection of the Terran people. Do not succumb to fear. It is an honor and a pleasure for me to serve the Terran people.

M: Could you explain why the Ciakars want to go back to Terra?

VN: I’m afraid I won’t be able to tell you everything. Of course, they’re drawn to Terra because of its vast wealth. They’re trying to build alliances with other species from other solar systems who will follow their strict code of ethics, if you can call it that. In other words, the Ciakahrr have never been good negotiators in the past. They’ll need Terran resources to bargain. They are not good companions since they have a predatory personality and are only interested in themselves. Their ability to negotiate, and hence their power, has greatly decreased since their commerce supply has been cut/obliterated. They’ve been rendered powerless. This is fantastic news.

Due to the CEOs’ previous questionable practices and ties to the Deep State, Val Nek’s mention of the Galactic Federation and Earth Alliance’s need to collaborate with major corporations, particularly Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, has sparked widespread outrage. On the other side, Val Nek and the Galactic Federation regarded Earth as having a pressing need to defend itself against the return of its former alien masters with new friends. As a result, the Earth Alliance and partner countries’ Combined Space Commands prioritize large fleets of stealth-equipped ships with powerful defensive technologies, and major aerospace industries play vital roles in building a Starfleet.

On the evening of September 7, Megan received more information from Val Nek on current developments in space between the Galactic Federation and the Earth Alliance.

VN: To create colonies around Terra, the Federation is working with the Alliance and its allies. These outposts will be built for a number of reasons, the most essential of which will be security and surveillance. As I previously said, several portions of the satellite grid, including the Space Fence, would be monitored from these outposts. The International Space Station is analogous to these outposts, although they are not identical. The International Space Station is in the Alliance’s hands, and depending on the alliance’s choice, it will most likely be destroyed or restored. This is one of the Federations’ decentralized decision-making processes. When it comes to the ISS, I’m at a loss for words.

The outposts will be similar to what we call a mothership. It will be a space station that will monitor Terra and the ships that protect it. The technology that will be utilized to create the station will be developed by the companies that participated in the Jupiter agreements. It’s excellent news and a major milestone. Medical technology, military living quarters, and a number of other technologically sophisticated components will be available aboard the motherships (by motherships, I mean one major ship and numerous smaller outposts, all of which will be huge in contrast to a conventional ship).

Fleets of ships will be able to dock, calibrate, and be checked on before and after space travel to guarantee that they are in excellent working condition. Please keep in mind that this is a vast enterprise, and the Federation is supporting engineers in working on, fixing, and studying these spacecraft when they are produced by the Terrans, as you might imagine.

M: Will the Space Fence satellite system be watched from the Moon as well?

VN: For safety concerns, Terra will be observed from a number of outposts in the sky as well as the new base on the Moon. This is the most secure way to conduct business.

M: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

VN: Not right now; I’ll provide you more information later, as our efforts are still ongoing.

After I [MS] asked Val Nek [VN] two questions, which Megan [M] relayed to him, we received the following responses. [Note: I erroneously imagined Val Nek had mentioned three outposts being built in Earth orbit when I phrased my question]:

1. MS: I have a question about the three outposts that will be erected, as well as the decommissioning of the International Space Station. In the 1970s and 1980s, the National Reconnaissance Office and the CIA had one or more stealth wheel-shaped space stations (based on the Von Braun Space Station design) that they used to conduct covert and intel operations across the world, as far as I’m aware. What will happen to the NRO/CIA stealth space stations after the new outposts are established?

VN: There will be more than three, and one of the primary stations will be a larger structure. This structure was built with the same technology that was used to create the United States’ new lunar base. It’s an impenetrable approach that uses a high frequency to create a grid in the structure’s walls and, in this case, around the station. Unauthorized visitors are not allowed. Of course, Terrans will create this technology, invoking the Jupiter Accords. Despite the fact that I can’t confirm it, I believe the ISS will be dismantled or at the very least rebuilt, because its technology will soon be antiquated compared to what is now being manufactured for space.

In terms of the CIA/NRO space stations, I’m sorry I won’t be able to properly address this issue for Megan’s protection. What can I say, our efforts to combat some of these groups are still ongoing. As many people are aware, some of these organizations have been infiltrated by aliens. The war over Planet Terra’s surface and underneath it is still going on. Now that the Dark Fleet has left Mars, some of these groups’ military partners are badly weakened, and they pose little threat. We do not, however, expose active activity during times of war.

Megan’s safety is a legitimate security concern. The CIA’s clandestine space program is now being run out of National Reconnaissance Office facilities with monies from the black budget of the agency. Despite being staffed by NRO officials and aerospace contractors, it functions under high security and is headquartered under the CIA’s “Office of Space Reconnaissance.” I discuss how the Office of Space Reconnaissance was founded in this manner in 2014 to circumvent legislative and executive branch scrutiny in Chapter 7 of my book, Space Force: Our Star Trek Future (2021).

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2020, which formed the US Space Force, declared that NRO missions will be carried out outside of the military chain of command. In other words, the joint NRO/CIA space program would remain autonomous, despite the fact that the US Space Command would command the Space Force and other military assets in space. This will be a big difficulty for future US Space Command efforts, as my Space Force book demonstrates.

Val Nek’s response to my second query is as follows:

2. MS: Is Val Nek aware of China’s role in the… outposts of motherships? China was refused access to the International Space Station due of mistrust, but I anticipate it will be included in the… new outposts as a result of the Jupiter treaties.

VN: China has blocked access in accordance with the Jupiter Accords. The Federation considers them to be the least trustworthy. There is an opportunity to win trust with time and good behavior. I can assure you that the stations we’re constructing will be under US authority. Other nations and their space projects will have access to them, as stipulated in the Jupiter Accords. A code of conduct is defined in these agreements. For example, how to act in space and other, if you will, legal regulations for the continuation of their projects.

M: Why is China the country with the lowest level of trustworthiness?

VN: I can’t go into great depth about the reasons, but the Council of Five, a spiritually advanced organization, judged that they were retrograde and self-interested. The Jupiter Agreements gave the Council of Five a role, and one of those roles was to review Terra’s leaders’ spiritual progress. Naturally, this was done to ensure the protection of the Terran people, who have been subjected to Tyrannical control for some time.

In “Rise of the Red Dragon: Origins & Threat of China’s Secret Space Program (2020),” I detail how China has developed a covert space program through espionage, deception, and corporate theft of advanced aerospace technology from the US and throughout the world. China was in the midst of building a massive, powerful fleet of spacecraft with the help of malevolent extraterrestrial groups. China now finds itself in a new geopolitical context, one in which its former allies have been forced to depart and humanity is being mentored by a new extraterrestrial organization in its transition to a spacefaring civilisation. Meanwhile, as I recently reported, China is swiftly filling the hole left by the withdrawal of the Dark Fleet from Antarctica.

Finally, Val Nek’s most current material provides a wealth of knowledge on what is going on in our solar system. JP, an anonymous source who has worked on clandestine Army Moon construction projects using hybrid human and extraterrestrial technologies, including autonomous space shuttlecraft, backs up his statements.

There are strong reasons to construct a slew of enormous space stations, dubbed “motherships,” to serve as monitoring, repair, and planetary defense outposts. Negative extraterrestrial species that have recently departed our solar system will very certainly seek to return at some time in the future, first by infiltration and later through more energetic ways involving new galactic allies. According to Val Nek’s discoveries, we are in the midst of a huge planetary transition.

Humanity is forming a Starfleet for Planetary Defense with the help of the Galactic Federation. A “Star Trek Future” is now forming, according to a 2019 Space Futures Report, offering mankind with several new opportunities and problems.

I’d like to thank Megan Rose for passing over Val Nek’s information and replies to me. Megan’s personal website may be found here.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Star Trek Future, keep reading our posts. We’ll show you how the Galactic Federation played a key role in nurturing such a future for decades, and even had contact with Gene Roddenberry in the 1960s to help seed such an idea into humanity’s consciousness.

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