NASA: Is There Life On Mars, But People Aren’t Ready To Find Out?

For a long time, several hypotheses have been disclosed that imply that life occurred on Mars at some point in history. Others go even farther, stating that there is still one. But… What happens when NASA claims that not only does it exist but that people are unprepared to hear about it?

Jim Green, NASA’s scientific director, has recently made some contentious remarks. These are about Mars and the possibility of life on the red planet.

In this way, the idea that what has previously been deemed a theory, even if reduced to mere science fiction, is something far more genuine than previously thought is established.

Life on Mars: Does NASA confirm it?

Jim Green, NASA’s science director, has made some assertions that have sparked much debate.

According to the expert, the European Space Agency uncovered signs of extraterrestrial life on Mars a few months ago.

However, what should be global news will most likely go unnoticed. Green is confident that humanity, as we know it today, is unprepared for such knowledge.

He claimed that proof of extraterrestrial life on Mars had been obtained by the middle of last year.

However, it will take much longer for humanity to accept that life exists outside of Earth.

Green was interviewed by the newspaper The Daily Telegraph. He went on to say that it doesn’t matter because people are now prepared for these catastrophes.

They will never be prepared to deal with it.

Are we not ready for the truth?

Given that the scientist is a senior operator at NASA, it’s reasonable to presume he understands what he’s talking about.

That is why we might assume that the discovery in which he is so confident is connected to the excavations done on Mars. Specifically those made by the ExoMars rover in 2020.

We now know that Mars isn’t the lone candidate planet for life. Venus has now joined these realms.

Despite this, it is still not sure that advanced extraterrestrial life can be found, and if so, it is evident that NASA will not give worldwide news about it. The only way to know is to find out on our own.

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