Enormous Megaliths At Yangshan Quarry

On several occasions, we have covered the unexplainable remnants left by a civilization which undoubtedly flourished here upon this planet a true mysterious history the most notable and presumably the evidence which will remain upon our Earth for the longest being unimaginably enormous.

Megalithic structures rest in many areas of Earth. These structures were built using stone so large we cannot explain how they have moved the quarry known as Yang Shan is such an impressive example of this lost knowledge and technique.

For moving these stones, we felt it deserved an in-depth discussion. What is unique about Yang Shan is that it was seemingly abandoned, quite possibly due to a Cataclysm in the myths of actually cutting some of the giant stone megaliths ever found on Earth.

Revealing in all its glory just how these stones were indeed detached from the Earth’s bedrock, a question which had also remained unanswered for many years yang Shan also reveals invaluable clues to how they could have been moved the star of the show enormous Steel weighing 16,000 250 metric tons disputed to have been cut during the reign of the young-chol Emperor the third ruler of the Ming Dynasty in China raining from 1402 to 14 24.

However, although academia is seemingly willing to approach such subjects with an air of arrogance, often due to its in-depth, accurate understanding of the said era, it inevitably becomes unstuck.

Once one begins to explore their knowledge or explain how these enormous stones were intended to be moved, academia is an illogical answer of the site as follows in 1405. The young GLE emperor ordered the cutting of a giant statue in this quarry for use in the Ming Xiao Ling mausoleum in the dedication of his deceased father.

Three separate pieces were being cut, the rectangular base, the
body, and the after most of the stone cutting work had been done. The architects conveniently realized that moving stones from the quarry to Ming Xiao Ling and installing them there would not be physically possible. The body weighed 8799 tons, and the Steel’s apparent head weighed 6118 tons.

According to quote experts, it would have stood 73 meters tall a supposedly j’en attached to this possible fallacy has it that workers who fail to produce the daily quota of crushed rock of at least 33 Shang would be executed on the spot but is this the real story of Yang Shan quarry or could there possibly be a more exciting history attached to this.

The site and indeed its accompanying stones within Baalbek, one of the countless examples found around the world, there are stones well over a thousand tonnes in weight which seemed to have been effortlessly placed atop one another using technologies or methods unexplained by these so-called experts.

Is it that unthinkable to believe that they could indeed once shift these enormous stones found in Yang Shan not only move them but lift them on top of one another?

Fortunately, more and more people are beginning to look at this very possibility. With the mounting evidence in support of far greater antiquity surfacing every day, it is only a matter of time before these sites are genuinely revealed.

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